Situation in Transform Guild

Good morning or good evening

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Hey hey!

Just to clarify, are you saying that you haven’t received anything from the Infinity Guild in return for work that was previously agreed upon?

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Ah I understand now. Thanks for clarifying!

What proposal are you referring to exactly?

Is it this one? :point_down:

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Which proposal was submitted for funding which has been delayed?

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In order to receive funding, you need to make a proposal to the relevant DAO.

Here’s a guide to submit to the MarketingDAO.

It’s important that you make a funding request prior to conducting any work so it can be reviewed by the Community.

If you’re working with the Infinity Guild and they typically reward you for your contributions, I think it would make sense to reach out to them.

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Good morning, as I Know he got $30 000 from Ilia a month ago and had a huge plan encourage his community and Transform “swarms”. These money could cover all the guild expenses in first version of budget. Unfortunately, Valentine every time edits it and provides not accurate information.