Shitzu partnered with Aurora Malaysia

Here is our first crossword puzzle in partnership with Aurora Malaysia. Will be sponsoring one CW per month to promote their growth.

Check out and support


Thanks for the update and for providing support to younger regional hubs!

How closely are you working with Mike on the development of Would love to explore:

  • Upgrading the smart contract so it becomes a crossword Factory - enabling anyone to spin out as many crosswords simultaneously, as this would technically be separate smart contracts, as opposed to the single crossword at a time now
  • Index the data, create a dashboard with all the historical crosswords, prizes, who won them, answers, etc. (get creative, but capture all the fun and activity)
  • Perhaps these would be ideas for NEARCON hackathon teams to expand on? How is the documentation for crosswords?


Yes, the page needs some work. I am actively looking for a dev to implement the upgrades Mike suggested. Unfortunately, his hands are full and he is unable to do them. Antonio from Near/Aurora Malaysia is helping me on the search for a dev. I will include your suggestions as well.

The nearcon idea is excellent. Makes perfect sense. Just spring it on the participants and see what they can do. What do mean by the documentation? I am not a dev, and I am clueless about the chain stack.