SCAM warn feature for NEAR wallet

Hey NEAR community,

there are thousands of SCAM websites and new ones are launched every day. As community moderators, we cannot warn our members directly about every new SCAM page we detected, so I had the idea for a “SCAM warn feature”.

This is one of those SCAM page for example:

If we would have such feature, we moderators would collect all SCAM pages that are sent to us by members and enter them into a database.

If the member then is logged into their wallet and opens a page that is in our database, they will receive a warning when they open that website.

This could look like this:

Kardiachain does that already with their browser wallet, and the feature works very well.

This helps us to offer the community more security and makes it easier for members to find SCAM pages more quickly.

I am looking forward to your feedback.


I like the idea of a community curated blacklist that alerts users when they’re on a scammy website. But I’m not sure if it’s feasible from a web wallet. Are you sure that Kardiachain is doing it in their web wallet and not on an extension?
cc: @StefanoPepe

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With “Browser Wallet” I actually meant an extension, so they are not using a Web Wallet as NEAR does. But shouldn’t that be technically possible anyway, since the web wallet also interacts with other pages?


This actually isn’t a scam :sweat_smile:

Though it might not work as intended, that being it doesn’t log you out, it does take you to this link though.

Still, a scam warning for those pages which are scams would be awesome. I know Chrome/Brave has this built in and, AFAIK, it prevents users from going to pages that have been reported a significant amount of times.

Doesn’t prevent you from being scammed if you’re one of the first to land on it, though.

Generally, best solution is education in my experience.

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LOL :joy:, but I have to admit, that I didn’t click on the link bc there are pages that drain your wallet. Thanks for taking the risk.

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lmaoooooo hahahahahhaaahahha


Haha…I tried it in Incognito & sadly got Rick Rolled…

@cudam321.near I’ll get revenge for it. :smiling_imp:


To avoid scams, better @David_NEAR we need to educate people to use Enhance it as a library for future.

We actually do that quite a lot.

I also don’t think it’s enough to educate people about “Awesome NEAR”, and that this would help them to avoid SCAMS.

Not everyone does a research when visiting a Website, therefore I think that it is largely our responsibility to make the wallet as secure as possible and in my opinion that includes the “SCAM Alert”