Sandbox [November] reward claim of [Tonye#3933]

Content creation

  1. Near force: posting on Tweeter, retweet, quote post and comment 100$
  2. Creation bonus 3$
  3. 2memes 5$ each =10$
  4. Contributors Feedback survey 10$
  5. Contributors profile 5$
    Estimate amount = 100$+3$+10+10+5= 128$
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Approved: $50 (occasional activity) + $3 (contributor profile) + $5 (meme).

Please look to increase your frequency of tweets and captioned retweets. We look forward to seeing your account grow!

We do not offer the reward for the feedback survey this month.
Your twitter was created 8 years ago.
Please do not create memes that incite violence.

tot: $58

Hi@Jacopo what about creation bonus I wasn’t awarded for that.
And I’ve submitted my 2memes and my account is dedicated to near

I submitted 2memes you only calculated 1meme

I have left feedback on the first comment as to why I only accepted one. Thanks