Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of Sundradelune. Russian translations for and via. Near Education, part 2 [sundradelune#9340]


Last month I translated half of what was given in English in the Documentation Section of NEAR, this time I am attaching the second part of the texts - this is far from the end.

In this time, more has been translated than is available for a limited payment of $300, but I am attaching what I have, anyway, because I have done the work and why not - I will be glad to receive the remaining payments in another month, is it possible? (when I finish translating the texts)

Как обычно, рада получать образование в процессе переводов документации, это прекрасно)


Будущее финансов (шикарная статья)

Философия и Блокчейн

Новая Эра Предпринимателей

Климат и Блокчейн

Гид для начинающиз, Часть 1. (I allowed myself to divide the original document into two parts, because in the process I realized that I simply would not be able to get paid for my work due to the established limits for a month)

IN TOTAL FOR NOW - 8224 words


the requested budget is not possible, so I’m expecting 300$ now.

(but if something has changed, please let me know. Thanks.)

wallet: startsguild.near

Hey! Thank you for your submission and for once again well-made translations, always happy to see the quality work :slight_smile:

This month you will be rewarded in full (300$ in accordance with the limit for rolling opportunities), however, you didn’t satisfy the publicity requirement from our rolling opportunities: all translations must be posted on an active social media channel to make sure they are accessible by the public and get some traction. Therefore, for the next time you will be claiming rewards, please make sure to have an active social media channel (combination of medium and twitter usually works well in this case) and have all your works, including the works from the past, posted there. Another possible solution to this - you could contact Russian Guild and post your translation on their channels, which would maximize the efficiency of your work.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me :slight_smile:

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