Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of Sundradelune. Russian translations for and via. Near Education, part 2 [grandioznaya#9340]


Last month I translated half of what was given in English in the Documentation Section of NEAR, this time I am attaching the second part of the texts - this is far from the end.

In this time, more has been translated than is available for a limited payment of $300, but I am attaching what I have, anyway, because I have done the work and why not - I will be glad to receive the remaining payments in another month, is it possible? (when I finish translating the texts)

Как обычно, рада получать образование в процессе переводов документации, это прекрасно)


Будущее финансов (шикарная статья)

Философия и Блокчейн

Новая Эра Предпринимателей

Климат и Блокчейн

Гид для начинающиз, Часть 1. (I allowed myself to divide the original document into two parts, because in the process I realized that I simply would not be able to get paid for my work due to the established limits for a month)

IN TOTAL FOR NOW - 8224 words


the requested budget is not possible, so I’m expecting 300$ now.

(but if something has changed, please let me know. Thanks.)

wallet: startsguild.near