Sandbox month of [January] Reward claim of [Dadkaynear#2364]

Channel creation:

I created a Channel with the name

Reward $3



Social Media Near Force

Briefly describe the Activity: Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/News/Comments. Also promotes the Ecosystem related post.

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Claim 3.
I did share my experience with the OWS team
Reward 2N

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$53 + 2N

Hello Dadkay, so sorry I have to reject your claim, this is your first step here trying to collaborate within the community and I have to give you bad news.

Good thing is that we can always make mistakes and learn from it. So I will give you my feedback so you can improve.

See, the only accounts that are interacting with yours are from other contributors from the OWS, the idea of this activity is that if you build your own community and sustain it we can reward it.



Hi, tweeted daily and was active, this is not a nice way of compensating my work, please look at it again.