Sandbox [January] Reward Claim of [m3nsy#4940]

I provide a report on the conditions for the completion of the OWS survey and request 2NEAR



Hi @m3nsy, Thank you For Proposal!

Unfortunately we could not Accept this Proposal, We cannot find the Survey on our Database


Please check again. Survey completed

Hey I checked I could not find the Survey Done in the Name of m3nsy#4940

The survey has just been retaken. I don’t understand why you don’t show it!

what is the result? Did you find my survey in the database?

Checking … Kindly Wait.

почему не было ответа?

Hey @m3nsy , as already said I couldn’t find you on the database for the ows survey ! Hence the claim is not approved

the survey has been completed. Re-passed and unsubscribed to you immediately. These are not my problems anymore. I want my reward