Sandbox [JANUARY] Reward Claim of [Eylul|NEAR#5717] [eylulibo.near]

CLAİM 1 : Create Channel
CLAİM 2 : Sustain Your Channel 100+ followers
CLAİM 2 : Content Creations and
CLAİM 3 : Articles

total rewards : 3$ +100$+240$ : 343$
max reward : 300$
thank you so much for looking :sunny:

Hi @EylulNear

Since we are only rewarding contributors for the first 2 weeks of January, your Twitter activity can be rewarded only for the first two weeks. Further I see that your very first tweet dates back to 11/01 and the last one on 13/01 which does not comply with even the status of “occasional activity”.
Claim rejected

Claim 3: Basic designs = I see that your designs are identical in content to the other contributor who is claiming the reward this month. The same goes for the infographic:
other contributor:

This is considered plagiarism which is an abuse of the offered opportunities and is punishable by a perpetual ban from the Open Web Sandbox.

We do not welcome this kind of behavior in our community. All claims rejected.

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