Sandbox december reward claim of sylvester#0921


  1. Type of Activity: creation of channel

  2. Briefly Describe the Activity: creation of a Twitter channel

  3. Twitter Link:

Estimated Rewards: 3 USD


  1. Type of Activity: social Media Near Force

  2. Briefly Describe the Activity:
    Sustain your Channel : Grow your followers posting, updates/news/comments

  3. Link provided to the end result on twitter

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD

Total Estimated Rewards 100 USD + 3 USD = 103 USD

Hello @Sylvester

We notice that you have made an effort to take care of your Twitter but to bring more value to the ecosystem and get compensated for it, it needs some more work. Could you let me know if these tips work for you and whether you would like to show us how you implement this feedback so that we can reward you next month?

As a way to improve, I suggest you try to engage more with your content by providing more accurate/ sharp captions to every tweet of yours next month. I am sure that will help you to make your activity more successful and get more likes from a more diversified audience (right now your posts have 5 likes on average and they are from the same people). This video where NEAR Social Media experts talks on successful Twitter management, can be helpful.

Also, Posting 10+ tweets in one day has little community benefit and will only make us question the legitimacy of your account.

I have noticed you are using infographics of other community members like this one from NEAR Insider which is great, but please tag them there no avoid being suspected in plagiarism. One way to engage people can be actually to start an engaging conversation with the creator of an infographic for instance/ make a joke - something that will attract attention from different followers and prompt them to respond.

Thank you for the work and I am curious to see your learning progress next month!