SANDBOX [DECEMBER] REWARD CLAIM OF [gokubaba#8366] [gokubaba.near]

1. Translating Near related Medium articles:
All articles for December have been translated and shared in Indian Ows group (Discord), Near protocol india (Discord and telegram), Flux protocol (indian telegram),
kyve protocol (indian discord posted by admin himself), woo network (indian telegram) and on twitter recently.

words: 881

Words: 675

words: 485

words: 682

words: 547

words: 1185

words: 1770

words: 533

words: 1203

words: 2704

words: 708

words: 1036

words: 553

words: 785

total words=13747
amount=687.35 usd

the feedback has been given in form:
Rewards : 2 NEAR

TOTAL : 300usd (max capped, didnt saw it earlier)+2 $Near (feedback form)


Hi Gokubaba, thank you for your submission, your claim will be reviewed in due time :slightly_smiling_face:

Please keep in mind that we will start reviewing December claims after the 3rd of January and will get back to you with feedback by the 6th of January. Our team will be out of office between the 24th of December and the 3rd of January. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the holidays!

Fill in the OWS Journey feedback form and get a 2$ NEAR reward during the Jan payout period!

Big small letters: in order to be eligible for the payout, you should have completed the contributor profile form (to be done only ONCE during your whole OWS adventure): Contributor Form

Remember to reach out any of the moderadors on our discord server. :metal:

Happy Holidays ! :christmas_tree:

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Hey @gokubaba, Thank you for the Contribution Towards Open Web sandbox, Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately your Claim has been Rejected by OWS Moderator. WE Could See the Likes to the Content Created are from the specific Same Twitter Accounts, Which Clearly Abusing the OWS System which is not Tolerated and Encouraged.

Hey @gokubaba, After Reconsidering it seems that your articles are great and Helpful to Indian Community, Hence Rewarding your claim This Month. But I would Request to Make Some Traction in Upcoming Months through Social Media Aligning OWS Rolling Opportunity Requirement
Approved Claim - 300 USD & 2 NEAR for Survey

I have done the same work but my approval got rejected.
Why the guidelines are different for everyone?
Reconsider my work also. I have been contributing since August 2021.