Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [Devishree#2800]

OWS Claim Sheet

Claim 1: Sustain your channel:

Act: Daily retweets with captions

Activity: Creation of a channel – Twitter Named @NearSwitchto

Number of Followers: 400+

Link for the Activity:

Estimate Rewards for the activities: 100 USD.

Twitter Devi.jpeg - Google Drive

Claim 2: Promotion in community chats/groups

Act: shared post with caption

Please find the list of shared post with caption and shared the same in twitter handle.

Estimate Rewards for the activities: 15 X 3 = 45 USD .

Total Rewards: 100 + 45 = 145 USD.

Thank you

Unfortunately I have had to update my review as I have been made aware that your account copies the content of another Twitter account. We do not condone these actions and do not reward users who try and take advantage of other’s work.

What we are looking for is for contributors to further community engagement and in return gain rewards, not simply find a way to gain rewards. We hope this message is clear to you.