Sandbox [December 2021] Reward Claim of [akibui#4562] [akibui.near]

Claim 1:
Type of activity: Social Media Channels
Briefly describe the activity
Act: Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/ news/ comments (daily tweets with caption throughout the month)
Link to Result:
Estimated Final Reward: $100

Claim 2:
Type of activity: Content Creation
Briefly describe the activity:
Serie 1: Simple-designs
Estimated Final Reward: $5 x 5 = $25

Serie 2: Content Translation - Tweet translation and post it on active social media (100+ followers, regular posting)
Estimated Final Reward: $2 x 72 = $144

Serie 3: Content Translation - NEAR-related content translation and post it on active social media (100+ followers, regular posting)

Article 1: 320 words
Translation: Vietnamese Translation
I translated and ask an administrator of NEAR community in Vietnam posted it

Article 2: 960 words
I asked to post and and also ask administrator of NEAR community in Vietnam poster it on Facebook as link:

Estimated Final Reward: $16 (320 words) + $48 (960 words) = $64

Calculate reward for all activities
$100 + $25 + $144 + $64 = $333
Maximum claim per person per month = $300

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Hi, thank you for your submission, your claim will be reviewed in due time :slightly_smiling_face:

Please keep in mind that we will start reviewing December claims after the 3rd of January and will get back to you with feedback by the 6th of January. Our team will be out of office between the 24th of December and the 3rd of January. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the holidays!

Fill in the OWS Journey feedback form and get a 2$ NEAR reward during the Jan payout period!

Big small letters: in order to be eligible for the payout, you should have completed the contributor profile form (to be done only ONCE during your whole OWS adventure): Contributor Form

Remember to reach out any of the moderadors on our discord server. :metal:

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Thanks @FritzWorm for your notice.
Enjoy your holiday.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hi @AkiBui, thank you for your submission.

Proposal rejected. Your channel has been flagged as a clone/associated account with the claim of We appreciate your efforts to contribute to the ecosystem, however, any exploitation behavior can lead to an “account ban” decision.

My proposal: Invest in one channel and grow organic followers, let us know what can you do to add value to the ecosystem by focusing on high-quality works. If you believe that your works are being intentionally copied, feel free to let us know.

Again, we appreciate any effort to contribute to the ecosystem. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Hi @williamx

I agreed that we have some posts utilizing abusing design template and use “love” action together site. However, we are a family, not clone accounts as your judgement.

Please check 3 Facebook accounts as below for me, my husband and my young brother:
Me (Aki Bùi): Redirecting... working on
My young brother (BichNgoc): Redirecting... working on
And my husband (Guiltyangel): Redirecting... working on

Hope that you can check and give us the solution how can we work together at the same time.

Hi @AkiBui,

First, we appreciate your interest in OWS and our opportunities. Let’s make it clear that your final work is what the community looks at, not the fact of who’s behind the channel. So to be fair with other contributors, we want to clarify that multi-accounts with copied work shouldn’t be accepted. Unfortunately, these 3 Twitter handles are red-listed and are not eligible to claim for OWS rolling opportunities in the future.

That’s great you have a family working together, this is actually an advantage and there are many ways to leverage this. Combine your talents, grow a strong channel and become our Tier 1 contributor (Sandbox Tiering System V.1) or develop your own channel and collect feedback from other family members. Let us know what you can do and want to do.

Again, we value any valid contribution with good intention. Looking forward to seeing your improved contribution next month.

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