Sandbox [August] Reward Claim of lolkekcheburek#5462

Claim 1

  1. Act
  2. Type of activity: Social networks NEAR Force
  3. Briefly describe the activity:
    Maintain the channel: increase the number of subscribers, post updates / news / comments.
  4. Give a link to the final result:
  5. Rate your reward considering all actions: (Activity) 20 NEAR

Reward for all activities: 20 NEAR

Dear @mecsbecs and @vrdoingthings

I reviewed last 30 approved proposals . 80% of guys making money by creating fake Twitter accounts with futile retweets and Near Learning accounts for unreal people.

Thank You and have a great day!

Firstly, where did you see that I am applying for a reward at the invitation of people, and secondly, I was on Twitter for a month every day, showing activity according to the reward guidelines!

Also, you are mistaken that these are just retweets, these are retweets with a semantic load, I write a message practically to each post in the context of the message that I retweeted.

So I really use my human resource (energy) to be active every day, the robot does not work for me and this is not automated, since every message in the context of the mail that I retweeted to my page.

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Dear Elon! Your Twitter was created in August and consisting only retweet’s, has 27 followers, 5 of them are bots. What the value did you bring in Near community? What the purposes of your Twitter account? Chase easy money?

@Sofia_Alum sad to see that you encourage that king of fake activities.

Have a great day!

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Hello @Dacha - please substantiate your comments here with evidence of those you are seeing who are providing ‘fake Twitter accounts’:

in either a separte Forum post or in a direct message to me if you prefer so these comments can be properly reviewed. And if you wish to continue reviewing monthly reward claims for the Open Web Sandbox, please let me know as well as we could always use the assistance, so that our community members can get the support they need and rewards for their work faster!

I would also like to address your comments about this particular Sandboxer/community member’s claim. Every open web contributor or community member brings value to the Sandbox and to the broader NEAR community by engaging positively and openly. Not everyone is a marketer, developer, or professional in any sense and that is not needed in order to participate in the OWS. The ask we have put out as a Guild and as a space for new community members to come learn about NEAR, is that they come learn and spread the word about NEAR. These rewards are offered not in exchange of professional services but to incentivize engagement - which is exactly what this community member did.

If you would like to propose alternative reward models or engagement structures, I would be very interested in reviewing them as this is a topic that is of concern to everyone in the community and gets discussed a lot. Let’s move the discussion to open, actionable proposals for what can be reasonably done better and to the inclusion and benefit of all instead of targeting individuals and their contributions.

And with your last comment here you are in danger of veering into bullying behaviour so I would prompt you to review this Implementing NEAR Community Guidelines post if you haven’t already.

Was created in August to get money from sandbox. Make sure the account will be abandoned in September like other twitter accounts which already got money.

Just my thoughts, I’m independent community member and translate what I see in closed Near social media groups. As a know 2 groups of people creating Twitter and Near Academy accounts with one purpose- get money.

I want to save the money

You do your well.
Have a great day

Hi @Dacha - people are open to create Twitter accounts at any time and if your opinion is that this individual will just close up shop in a month, I’m afraid that’s not evidence. Just about everyone’s base motivation is to get $NEAR/rewards for what they do in the Sandbox, because we operate under a task-based rewards structure in an effort to build and encourage engaged individual contributors in the ecosystem. I’m afraid I don’t see the issue here. If you have true evidence to your earlier claim, I would like to be able to sincerely review it. Let’s take this conversation away from this individual’s rewards claim however, and feel free to engage with me in PM as you have been doing as well.

Back to your individual rewards claim for August @ElonMusk (awesomely hilarious username by the way): since the daily activity reward requires daily activity through the whole month period for the claim - and I am not seeing daily activity at the beginning of the month in particular - please revise your claim for the 20 NEAR reward.

Once this edit has been made, you are free to proceed to posting for a 20N payout to the Sandbox SputnikDAO. Thank you for your work in the Sandbox this month!

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