RFP: Kudos and Nominate Widgets

Request For Proposal: KUDOS Widget

As governance processes of the Near Digital Collective (NDC) are coming closer to launching we need to create new functionality for users build reputation on-chain.

We hereby invite the community to submit their proposals to enhance the “Kudos” widget on near.social. The goal of this project is to create a foundational capability to help the community give each other props, recommendations and even nominations in a safe and positive way.

Please see the full spec on GitHub for more details of what we need to build.

Devs who are interested in working on this gig should go to the NDC Gigs Board for full instructions, timeline and submission requirements.

(Please note that this is not a space that we monitor frequently. If you have questions or comments please head over to the NDC Gigs Board on near.social)

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