Request For Tutelage

The Pictorial and Documentary Photography community is going to be engaging in an incubation phase with the FRA DAO are taking this step for the proper induction of our community into NEAR. The choice of FRA DAO is because of the longevity and reputation they have within NEAR and we aim to participate in this to further organize our community and have some activities with which we would stimulate our community members

The Incubation would be in three categories

Education: The Pictorial and Documentary Photography would like the FRA DAO to educate their photo artists on the web 3 space, how to build their identity, networking and making a name within the indiustry

Marketing: The Pictorial and Documentary Photography would appreciate the support of the FRA DAO in helping its photo artists to market their brands through their social channels. Since the Pictorial and Documentary Photography community is just starting out, the photoartists in its community would like some exposure for their newly minted artworks. Also there are open channels if the C1 guild would like the photo artists to mint on their contract, this is welcome insofar the FRA DAOpromises to showcase the minted NFTs to its audience so as to help the photo artists build some audience

Networking: The FRA DAO is also obliged to help the P.D photography community to network with contacts in NEAR who could be helpful in helping these photo artists to gain acess to the right channels that would help them build their web3 career. This could be through contacts, link to projects or link to funding to enable these artists some support in their own projects, network, community and fan base

The incubation would also include an AMA for the benefit of the publicity of both communities involved

We look forward to this alliance for the growth of the Pictorial and documentary photography community and would really appreciate the impact on the community and also we would be ready to show outcomes.

Thanks to the NEAR community


Hello @thecreator, Nice to meet you, this is our first contact, we still don’t know anything about each other.
I would like to understand more about:

  1. who you are ?

  2. who your community is, with links, biographies?

  3. how many people are part of your community, biography and links of the most engaged.

We have some materials that could help you with onboarding at Near, and How to mint at mintbase and PARAS plataform.

What is the native language of your community?

We are currently releasing some Bounty. But it will be for 3D artists, as we are in the metaverse construction phase.

Let’s talk around here, maybe make a call to get to know each other visually.

have a great day.

Ps: @Narau, @frado and @PatriciaB are councils and Will in touch understand about theme


Hello @thecreator!

Thanks for your interest in joining forces with FraDAO. Every initiative to grow our Near artistic community is very welcome. As well as synergy DAO partnerships.

A great way to start your proposed incubation experience would be building a DAO with your community members, if I may suggest. Because the photographers will need a wallet to mint (and sell) their NFTs in Paras and Mintbase. And like that we can share our metrics and collaborate further.



Thank you so much for the response. I woukd proceed to answering your questions hierarchichally, but for some reason because am a new user, the site has not allowed me post links in this post

  1. Who I am?

I am the advisor of the P.D photography community. I have some experience in community building and i also have a career in creative photography. Here are my socials

2.We are a community of web 2 photographers who are exploring the options of web 3 for our creative exploration. We aim to use the blockchain as a means of secure exchange for selling our photographs as NFTs. Our community is currently comprised of 16 members and we are working through everyone according to their level of optimism. Below is our introduction and the links to our socials
[INTRODUCTION] Pictorial and Documentary Photography Community. A group of web2photo artists, narrative and documentary photographers who are willing to explore the blockchain for art exchange. We are new to NEAR and would love to familiarize and learn… Please feel free to expore our community to know more about us

  1. Our community currently comprises of 16 people but we can confidently vouch for about 5 enthusiastic people, and there are those of them who are already on the forum…


A Lifestyle photographer with 684 organic followers on instagram


A landscape and nature photographer

We have currently minted on PARAS
enyinnaya has currently minted Love has no Fear

OyinDA has minted Young shall grow

Our preferred language of communication would be English

Yes a call would be nice, would await the FRA DAO consent on that…

Thank you


Hi @thecreator check this opportunity of council, maybe is a Nice way to understand and learn with more impact about grow community and network

I suggest use near social Dapp:

I can’t see any link, It’s difficult ALL the process. No link, no IRL information, suggest you resolve this issue, Inside NEAR Community you need a KYC (Know your Costumer). Good luck in this process, and check about :



inside NEAR Forum, you can write your bio, i think you need to explore more NEAR Forum to win and collect more badges, click in your user and preferences and fill your BIO, email, social fill everything.

@thecreator Read this and win a badge:
first step, create a guideline like that for your community.

to create an onboarding system, i use this Dapp. To create wallets with a gift of 1 NEAR:

@thecreator What is the name of your wallet?

to explore Dapps use this:



Thank you very much for this counsel.

We have currently opened about 4 wallets


We are currently working on our Astro, and we would be onboarding these wallets accordingly


Hey Frado, I have solved the issue, you can now see links over there, thanks for all the counsel… it worked, I have opened the account on NEAR Social NEAR

The name of my wallet is enyinnayathecreator.near

Its looking nice so far, thanks so much

Okay, working on that also…

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My name is OYIN one of the Creatives under PdPhotographycommunity, I’ve been following through the incubation, and it has been very educative… A big thank you to FRADAO for its contribution.

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I’m one of the creative photographers making the transition to web3 and i really appreciate the incubation opportunity by the FRA DAO

Hello OYIN, please tell me what you wish to learn in case the incubation happens. thank you

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hello Jayflex, can you please share your socials? so that we get to know your photographic work?. thank you


Dear @thecreator can we please slow down a bit and first understand if we at FraDAO are able to deliver the incubation experience you propose here?

At start, I would like to ask you to kindly modify the title of this topic to: Pictorial and Documentary Photography Telegram community proposes an incubation with FraDAO.

Please bare in mind FraDAO is a web3 community of Brazilian female artists. All our educational material is in Portuguese. Our mission is to build a safe feminine digital space that enables our creators to share their art and their dreams, connecting to kindred minds. And our core marketing strategy targets the exposure of those female artists to their peers, therefore we focus on content produced by self identified she-artists in Brazil. I honestly though that was the reason you initially contacted us.
Additionally, few of our members can communicate in English, what makes an AMA pretty impossible in practical terms.

As I wrote before, every initiative to grow the Near artistic community is very welcome, as well as partnerships between synergy DAOs. I am sure your community shares similar values to many DAOs in the Near ecosystem.

Again, I would like to thank you for your interest in joining forces with FraDAO. We are very honored to be your first contact. But maybe PD photography community could consider an English speaking DAO as a better fit for this incubation project. In my personal opinion we would need more than our DAO’s longevity and reputation, as you kindly advocate, to make the most of this project.

Cheers, Patricia


GM everyone! To clarify on the topic, this is an independent proposal, not an official incubation program under Creatives DAO umbrella.

This is also not an official associated activities of FraDAO, a Creatives grantee in March, hence no call for application for now. All right of accepting this proposal belongs to FraDAO councils & their decision to move forward with the discussion.

I am moving this to Creatives category with discussion tag.


Hi @williamx @PatriciaB

About the topic change, i noticed that it was first changed to “first contact to a DAO”, i thought it had been an error… so i had to change it back to a topic i thought was more appropriate. Apologies if it has caused an inconvenience, i am going to rename it as you have said. Thank you

@williamx we are looking to familiarize our newly joined community members with NEAR. Is there a possible incubation program that we can benefit from? Thanks

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Hi @thecreator How are you?
I suggest to stop to change the Topic, please

Leave the @williamx suggest, please.

Thanks and have a Nice day

Sure, thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes I’m on instagram @ (jayflex_pictures)