[Report] The Auction Nearian August

The month of August was very quiet, but here the community outreach I did,

  • RT-ed all TheAuctionIO original Tweets and interacted with as many as possible, which are found here: @the_auction_io:

  • Wrote 5 original tweets promoting The Auction and the Undead NFT auction, some tagged as #theauctionio. 883 impressions received on these tweets, and 74 engagements.

  • Interacted with 3 Tweets, tagged most of them here: #theauctionio

  • Talked with @arki_bootzz about listing their work on The Auction and learned they were havign a technical issues, got them some assistance.

  • Started to compile a list of Discords with Shill channels, to post there as well as on Twitter, but most Discord channels are also very quiet at the moment.

  • I think I “live-tweeted” an AMA, but can’t find a link to this now, so maybe that was in July…

Lessons & Recommendations: I need to keep better records moving forward, need a better heads-up for AMA but can “live-tweet” about them from the recordings, and need to continue to interact directly with tweets in TheAuction feed.

I am asking for $50USDT.