[Report] NxM Social Media: Telegram|Twitter, September, 2022


@NxM (Near x Music) is the most prominent music guild/DAO on NEAR Protocol. NxM is pioneering ingenious musical use cases for the Blockchain and decentralization. It also supports the transitioning of Web 2 artists into Web 3 by providing support including funding for pertinent projects and events.

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For comparative analysis of the growth in the past month click here for August’s report.



After a worrying dip, our Telegram has rallied and once again, the stats are improving. Activities have improved and there are few international collaborations in the works. We also recorded encouraging increase in membership.

The following screenshots, etc. graphically represent the details

Current Membership: 670


NxM’s Twitter was afire with activities in September (:flushed: Rhymes and Bars!)

We had a Twitter space​:man_dancing::man_dancing:. I had the opportunity to talk about NxM and Near Protocol to attendees of the space. All our stats are up too. If a picture is worth a thousand words - get ready for up 4000 words.


All in all, we have experienced an upward trend in our Twitter and Telegram accounts. We will build on this trend to consolidate growth in the community, ecosystem and protocol even more.

Thanks and stay tuned​:clinking_glasses: