[Report] Nxm Live 4

Another event done and dusted. This one was a challenge!
NxM Live 4 saw a few new names step up, disappear, and then step up again :sweat_smile:
Komori x Fancy Armour and Mr Butter almost got replaced through lack of communication but delivered last minute and were still featured!

Taking the lessons from last time, I tried to get the ball rolling earlier on this one.
We wound up with two live acts, as well as another step towards automating the onboarding process.

Komori x Fancy Armour and DJ Brotha C both tested their live links themselves using spare devices and confirmed they had sound working. This meant on game-day everything on my end “just worked”.

There was a minor drop-out during Brotha C’s set but this was in part my own fault - his inbound video froze and I tried to refresh it, which meant a temporary silence while it reconnected.

Viewer count was down - attribute this to the lack of comms making it difficult to adequately promote. We NEED things locked in sooner.
99% uptime on the outbound - the 1% due to refreshing Brotha C’s stream
Two live artists, with the event being coordinated between PST, ACST and CET.