[Report] NxM Live 3

Hi Folks,

NxM Live 3 was my first time handling everything onn my own for Audiato (without the aid of Nullzero). Needless to say it was challenging, but taught me a lot.

First and foremost - these events need a longer lead time than a couple of weeks.
For us to continue to grow, we need to be in a position where we are at least a full month ahead, in terms of both event planning and cashflow.

Now we have an NxM Live Facebook page, we should be running ad campaigns to increase the viewer count. Even a 5N budget towards boosted posts would go a long way. Something to investigate for future events.

Blackheart Honeymoon was our live artist. We performed a sound check the day prior between Seattle and Adelaide using the live link system, and I was able to engineer him with fx processing etc. Sounded fantastic.

The live link system held up quite well on the day, though it got a little crunchy through BH’s set - this is just the nature of WebRTC. The important thing is the audio held up, even if the video quality dropped.

The pre-recorded acts all provided their content with plenty of time to load in, and the poster got put together in a very short amount of time - greatly appreciate this!

0 dropped frames on the outbound
100% uptime
11 viewers on Twitch, unsure of viewers in Cryptovoxels, as the venue itself counts as a single viewer. If anyone can report on this please add it.
One live artist

All goals from the proposal met

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