[Report] NXM discord moderation/Trivia on NxM Discord server September 2022

Greetings to the Creatives moderators, the NXM Councils and everyone actively contributing to the growth of the Near Ecosystem and Adding Values through Communities.

I remain my humble self Sammiee

September in the NXM Discord server was mind blowing as our Ability to Publish https://discord.com/channels/826859896917065828/930485978869686283 Post and community activities have continued to reach a large number of people, and feedbacks received from members of other servers who are now members on our discord and are finding ways to contribute and grow in the space through our Community.

Community members have also by way of involving with other communities shared with us their projects and creations
We have also seen members interacting even more this last month on the discord general server https://discord.com/channels/826859896917065828/946798442133471232
We are very delighted with the way Our members have shown firm interest in our New Trivia module as it has made it a weekly opportunity for members to stay out on the server and connect with each other while also leaning about NXM and the NEAR Ecosystem

It has really again proved to be a way of keeping members connected and having a real community experience with each other https://discord.com/channels/826859896917065828/953571739886051348

This module saw rewards go to more members as everyone got a very fair opportunity to be a winner
We grew from 3winners monthly to 11 winners in September 2022


We will continue to find new ways to connect our members, Guide them through ways of building and contributing in the web3 space and Near Ecosystem at large.

All Rewards have been sent to the winners as at the time of Filling this Report.

I am very thankful to the NXM Council
For their continued support and guide in getting things done
Also huge thanks to @creativesdao-council for all they do.

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