[REPORT] NearVana Rock (Nirvana Tribute concert)

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NearVana Rock (Nirvana Tribute Show)
a concert took place in a “Glam and grill” bar/restaurant on October 21st.
Live Concert of covers and author’s interpretations of Nirvana’s songs with their immersion in the Near blockchain.
It was rocky and inspiring! We love Kurt and his songs!
We put banners NEAR and GOA DAO everywhere in the place, creative stikers GoaDao was on the tables.
Some links:
Poster of the Show. Nirvana Tribute

A rock concert is not a place for long explanations from the stage, so we had a special person (Max : @Pover ), who was telling guests about the NEAR protocol, helping to create wallets, sending NFT tickets to wallets. ( Nearvana Ticket on Mintbase )
We opened 20 new wallets. ( new wallets list - Google Sheets )
we gave free shorts for open new wallets.
We made a lottery among the owners of new wallets and gave 2 vouchers of 1000 rupees each ( Super Luck on Mintbase)

Also we gave away 5 NFT-coupon “Creative person” ( Creative person on Mintbase ) with the help of creative tasks: sing any Nirvana song on stage. NFT-coupon “Creative person” give benefits to the owner:

  • food or drinks from the restaurant (cost 500 ruppee)
  • Free event access (e.g., parties, concerts) in Glam&Grill restaurant for one person (for 1 month)

We upload a short video report about the concert to YouTube (Nirvana tribute show (support by NEAR blockchain) - YouTube)
mint NFT to MintBase for memories ( https://www.mintbase.io/contract/goadaostore.mintbase1.near/token/1167 )


Nirvana Concert again!
Join , who interested : Telegram: Contact @nirvana_goa