Hi NEAR Family;

Presenting you with the first report of the Near Turkey Decentralized Community, March 2022

Our Vision:
Seeing Near Protocol as the world’s most popular and trusted Blockchain infrastructure. We believe the NEAR Protocol is on a path to revolutionizing the financial services industry, and with its strong Ecosystem and Team that will break new ground in Open Web (3.0) as well, by empowering users in a decentralized way.

Our Mission / Strategy:
We’re laying the groundwork for the Near Turkey Guild’s future, where blockchain is exploding. We enable people all throughout Turkey with a safe and easy way to use the NEAR Protocol, from individuals to major institutions. Not only providing Native Language support to the Turkish community but producing high-quality authentic content in Turkish, also developing new ways for better onboarding community members; developers, investors, and entrepreneurs as well. Will announce huge education initiatives on each of them and use top growth hacking strategies. And while doing it, we encourage all contributors to show up and put their hands under the stone and be as clear as possible. Long live the decentralized Turkish community!

(It’s March but all social accounts were created a week ago, so take this into consideration! Only the Twitter account is a month old.)

  • Turkish Telegram Groups:

For quick and one-on-one support:

We reached 215 organic followers in a week and we never added bots.
From day 1 we set up Combot and Rose for bot protection and also to get Reliable channel statistics
We did a raffle to give 0.84 NEAR to the 20 followers, and 195 followers participated.

News-Announcement purposes:

It is for those who do not use Twitter. Posting News, Important Updateds, and Infographics from here as well (linked to the main chat).

Educational purposes:

It’s a series of new initiatives about Developer education/onboarding.
We believe it will be the second biggest thing in the actual near university itself yes we are a bit ambitious. Currently, Raptor and Remzi are having talks with the Near Edu team, and the biggest initiative is still in the proposal maturation stage. Stay tuned!

Solid youtube education content and website: Loading……

  • Twitter:
    Posting News, Important Updateds, Authentic researches and Infographics from here to keep the community alive and informed.

Some original inforaphic samples:
Ekran görüntüsü 2022-04-05 031258

(currently, there is one video uploaded which is about setting up the new Near Wallet).

Influencer Marketing and Top SecretGrowth Hacking Strategies (stay tuned….:blush: )

Thanks to our active contributors and other community members who support us with their presence and wonderful ideas!

@OkanCaptain @KriptoRaptor @REK @Kemal @dadathoo_crypto @MezonQuark @Eyf @eribol @Marcos @Sura @ crypto_blckhntr



I hope, we will do this with our great Turkey Community!


I’m greatfull to be a part of near and turkish community. We started from zero and we are going to build something unique something never faced. We are working non stop to make it better day by day. In near future this platform will contain lots of articles, videos, guides for who insterested in Near. Time to show to turkish community what near have and capabilities. It will be an extraordinary and challenging journey for all of us but we are going to make it with no doubt. Thank you all from bottom of my heart for this opportunity! :nerd_face: :white_heart: :black_heart:


I am very happy to meet this great team and to be a part of this organization. It’s a good start and we will continue to get stronger. Greetings to all who contributed as administrators and members.


just wow! all these accomplishments just in a single week. you guys are awesome!
-creation of socials
-twitter 334 followers all organic!
-telegram 216 followers all organic!
and giving full support in each,
-an informational video
-an article
Telegram, Youtube, Instagram, Medium
and I see you’ve made a community campaign too! just by giving away 0.84N*20=270USD you managed to get attention of 204 people! and this is just in the first days. *** :clap:
I believe you guys can provide 7/24 support on telegram and discord in near future and produce such valuable 5-6 content about Near and the Ecosystem!

Not to mention Meet ups and Huge Education Initiatives that we’re organizing together. (those will be proposed and reported in seperate files)

I’m sure @Dacha will make example of this initiative everywhere. I’m so excited for next month’s report :clap: :slight_smile:
@marketingdao-council @FritzWorm @David_NEAR @jlwaugh @TaygunDogan @mecsbecs

and the number of contributing/submitting community members count is 11 and we’re still growing. Please show up in the live community call Introduction & Open Call for Near Turkish Community - #12 by KriptoRaptor


Let me be the first from the @marketingdao-council to say thanks to @crypto_blckhntr for sharing this report. Great breakdown of activities and clear reporting.

Keep up the good work!


I am really impressed with the great achievement you have made in such a short time and I am glad to be part of the Turkish community. :tr: :muscle:


This report is the report of the birth of Near Turkey.


:cowboy_hat_face: Thank you all for your support.
We are continuing to expand through organic growth… :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: