[Report] NEAR Stars Guild videos from July

Hey people of NEAR just want to share with community July report for projects that we supported. Not everything went as planned starting receiving funds in NEAR when coin was on high, lost 10% tho, sent funds to main youtubers, and two youtubers that i don’t want to work with and seems to be full of crap.

The Auction

Made a contest with some NFT drops with team. Videos were created by:

Crypto News


Will be launched today, got approved.

All About Crypto

Almost 7k views

Crypto Dasha

Almost 23k views

Unique Art
Team didn’t want to create a contest, so we went without it giving some extra promo to NEAR…

Hot Crypto News
UniqArt - What is UniqArt - How It Works - NFT Marketplace Review - YouTube got more then 7k views


As small youtuber 2.2k views.


As for small youtuber review 500 views had.

Reality Chain:

Project also didn’t wanted to create a contest. So we gave more info about NEAR with call to action to ask crypto people to join forum and start making some coins with their talents.

Crypto Plecho

Bit more then 11k views

Crypto Gems

8.8k views. I didn’t like the review and working process, so for August we changed him.


Bit over 550 views.

Games Pack

Admin didn’t wanted to make a giveaway, tho, got some extra visibility to Play on NEAR gaming community.

Roman Pushka

Will be launched today


Almost 500 views.

Crypto Gamers (Sookast)

Almost 1.5k views

From Crypton waiting video to be launched today. Will post in comments when its launched.

MirNFT with PokerSpace review.

Just bit more then 330 views, tho hes a small youtuber but made it fully reviewed and a realy long one.

And two dudes that i got trouble with.
On Chain Gaming

Dear NEAR community and anyone looking for partnering with On Chain Gaming review is that youtuber asked 600 USD for review, after payment aksed for extra 200 USD (paid from own funds) and after also work wasn’t started cuz asked to pay extra 180 USD. Don’t work with him, just begs for more funds and don’t know when or if it might end. Some messages can be read lower. Funds were not paid back because “policy” that wasnt showed, tolled or mentioned at all.

Crypto Gorilla
https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoGorilla)Same thing, send us extra money because… He can ask. Funds were not paid back.

Some stats from our Twitter account that is growing and is really interactive thanks to Yana:

And we had 4 promo videos created by Church, as always fancy.

I tried to keep report short. If any additional info is needed, let me know in comments.

NEAR community members, if your project needs some promo, your always welcomed to fill the form:

Some extra videos Stars Guild got from youtubers free of charge.

Tho, told him that we will share a “thank you” with him in 200 USD (will add it to September spendings).
We will have some more videos from HUGE youtubers, they don’t ask for funds, just love NEAR and main info for them gets collected and influencers are well treated. :innocent:

@marketingdao-council if any other details needed or there are recommendations you can share, let our team know.


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Do you present the topic and information about the projects yourself? Why don’t these authors of the videos submit sponsorship offers themselves? Do you cooperate with the developers of the projects you are reviewing?
Thx :blush:

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Great to catch you up on NEAR forum.
Here topics can be submitted:

Those are for projects or communities built on NEAR, so at moment we got 30 submissions for different projects in De-Fi, NFT, gaming and other cool “know how” projects.

Currently i do send to most of them process for sumbissions and samples.
When write it all down:

  1. Register on NEAR forum: https://gov.near.org
  2. Create a proposal as i showed in sample, tag in it Marketing Council DAO members for a review. If work is more in creative niche, then its Creatice DAO team to be tagged. It’s like every part of possible part that brings additional value to NEAR are structured into 4 DAOs.
  3. After tagging council proposal waits for public discussion (pros and cons from community about it) if it brings value for worth of funds, it gets approved.
  4. If its approved, then a voting pool is created on DAO dapp where same council people vote for it untill it gets approved. https://app.astrodao.com ).
  5. After a KYC process needs to be done.
  6. If cool with that then Gforms for grant payment needs to be filled
    NEAR Foundation Community Payouts with post from forum linked, from DAO and details about fund reciever.
  7. After some time you get contract sent to your email, sign it, then invoice is created in 3 minutes and can wait for prepayment to come and can start on tasks that you planned.
  8. In the end review of your work is posted on forum and cycle can be repeated.
    Process usally takes 3-4 weeks.

Most of them say ok, and after mentioning “need some assistance”, they say no. It easier if someone else (like stars guild) does the process for them.

Did a research on DEVs (unpopular crypto niche) got only few of them with unnormous pricings like Corentin Eat The Blocks 10k per video. If you know any to recomend, drop them, will catch and see how can partner with them.

Thanks for your response Stalking ))

If I understand correctly, your guild of stars is engaged in marketing projects. It turns out that those projects that received a grant from Near for marketing do not perform this function themselves, but turn to you and you do their marketing work? If so, it would be better to refuse them and pay you for advertising.
Thx :blush:

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Exactly. Maybe small point is that we don’t do full marketing and getting 3-5 review videos from influencers wont solve all marketing tasks for projects. It’s more like a targeted fun assistance.
Btw, there are plenty of guilds that do similar assistance in design, smm, etc. So the wisest people can take services like this, and plan out same expenses to cover other important parts of project management. ))

Idk, Roman Pushka video on post doesnt get showed. Here it is:

And a fresh one from Crypton about Games Pack

Will be posted live shortly video from Hot Crypto News