[Report] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - May 2023

CC: @regionaldao-council, @marketingdao-council

Hi NEAR Community,

We hope everyone is doing well! Since this is our first month, we wanted to end the month first, but due to the deadline of 25.05. we already had to publish our proposal for June, so our report comes now before the end of the month on May.

Also, we have to mention that there was some confusion with the approval from RCWG and MDAO in the beginning, so we started a few days later and did not have a full month yet.

However, this did not cause us to have a bad start! Even though we started this Community from scratch we have grown in members on just about all channels without even having had an event yet. This is because we started almost in the middle of the month and had to reach out to other communities and negotiate. Understandably, they can’t offer an AMA right away; it has to be planned first. Therefore, the first community event will happen tomorrow and with the second community, I am still writing and hope to agree to an AMA this or the beginning of next week.

Guild Info

DAO address: near-dach.sputnik-dao.near
NEAR Wallet: dach.near
Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Report: May 2023
Near social of core members:

  1. Kemal Gökdogan
  2. Fritz Wagner
  3. Daniel

Contact Details

Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Telegram: @iamkemoo

Goals & Objectives

Growth and Content

Telegram 0 → 15 Members

Twitter 0 ->7 Followers

Medium 0 → 1 Follower & Read ratio ~30%)

LinkedIn 0 → 6 Followers

NEAR Social 0 → 53 Followers

As you can see from our articles, in addition to translating articles, we have also written our own articles and Twitter threads with the focus of showing the technical possibilities of NEAR and bringing it closer to the community. NEAR BOS and IamHuman play an important role in this, as we want to guide users to more on-chain activities.

Also, I have to point out here that we started from scratch, which means we couldn’t use existing channels like Telegram to grow our near.social account, but solely through content and interaction with members on the platform.

But what’s most amazing is that we’ve been able to put our biggest growth on near.social and get closer to a big goal, which is to push on-chain activities!


Although some communities do not want to do AMAs and others were too expensive, I could win a community for an AMA. This was actually planned for 29.05.2023 but was postponed by the other side because there is still something to clarify internally.

With another, with whom I have been writing for two and a half weeks, I already have a confirmation but am still waiting for a date. I hope it will be this week or early next week. I will update the report accordingly.


a) Apart from our main tasks, we have been trying to build partnerships that can be beneficial for the community. We were able to partner with dAngel Fund. dAngel Fund is an accelerator that specializes in projects that want to launch on NEAR Protocol. Since our long-term goal is to also host offline events and onboard developers, we wanted to lay the foundation for that with this partnership.

b) I am still in talks with one of the biggest Web3 hubs in the German-speaking area, which brings together brands from Web2 and companies from the Web3 world. They are willing to do a trial event with us, so we can see if it is something for us and how the feedback is without making any major commitments like a membership or so.

I think that the planning for an offline event only makes sense around August this year. However, I will be at an event in the Hub at the beginning of June and will talk in detail about a trial event with the founder.


We again ask the NEAR Foundation Community Management Team to include us on the list of regional communities in the Main Channel. Our first request went out 3 weeks ago and we were told that it was forwarded, but nothing has happened yet.

Listing us with the other regional communities helps us to be found even through the main channel like all the other regional communities. It also provides another layer of security as community members know which regional communities are legit in this case.

Therefore, we kindly ask the community managers once again, to add the NEAR DACH Community to the list.

CC: @David_NEAR, @Benz_Near, @rahulgoel007

What’s next?

  • Proposal for the month of June
    Our proposal for the month of June is already live and can be viewed here: NEAR DACH June 2023 Proposal
  • Continue to work on the vision of making Web3 safer, which includes guiding community members to near.social, promoting the IamHuman process, and continuing to build out our social media channels.
  • Participate in weekly calls with the RCWG and other NDC online workshops.
  • Write more good technical articles and Twitter threads showing the possibilities of NEAR Protocol, BOS and its ecosystem in Web3.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or Telegram (preferred).

Thank you for your time and let’s build a better and safe Web3 together!

Hi @Kemal

I can probably speak on behalf of the people you’ve tagged for Near DACH community to be included in Near’s official Telegram.

We’ve set some internal benchmarks regional communities must achieve before we redirect users to them. 15 members and 0 community messages in the past week is not a good look. We are periodically reviewing our list of regional communities.

Hopefully Near DACH flourishes with a vibrant community in the next coming months :heart_hands: Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other NF mods offline.

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Thanks for the report.

We however would love to see the financial report of your community. Also we strongly stated that funds MUST be collected via AstroDAO account.

Please, return the funds to the AstroDAO account so it’s easier teaching your community members how to use it.

Thanks, thanks