[REPORT] NEAR at NIGHT Twitter Spaces - Monthly Funding Request (Sept)

Greetings from Trove Labs!

original proposal

We are so thankful for the NEAR community and the Marketing DAO for the opportunity to host NEAR @ NIGHT for the month of September (9/5-10/3)!

NEAR @ NIGHT has helped foster many new connections within the NEAR community, we have featured multiple Founders/team members from a diverse range of projects within the NEAR ecosystem, and the nightly discussions are impactful for listeners. We reached a larger audience via NEAR @ NIGHT than initially thought possible!!

The first month of N@N was a major success and we are proud to report on the marketing activity made possible through funding from our initial proposal.

Marketing Activity:

We held 16 spaces from 9/5 - 10/3, with topics ranging from daily NEAR updates to special guest appearances. The average time of 70 minutes for each N@N session with an average of 106 viewers an episode. We totaled 1700 views for the month of September.

We have listed each N@N spaces event below:

9/5 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [160] viewers - 1:41

9/6 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [156] viewers - 1:26

9/7 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [136] viewers - 1:16

9/8 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [177] viewers - 1:03

9/12 - NEAR @ NIGHT - NEARCON SPECIAL [103] viewers - 54:02

9/13 - NEAR @ NIGHT - NEARCON SPECIAL [78] viewers - 54:57

9/14 - NEAR @ NIGHT - Live at NEARCON w/ Play Ember [29] viewers - 52:59

9/19 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [95] viewers - 1:00

9/20 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [183] viewers - 1:11

9/21 - NEAR @ NIGHT w/ Metamon - [124] viewers - 1:12

9/22 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [63] viewers - 59:00

9/26 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [62] viewers - 1:16

9/27 - NEAR @ NIGHT w/ Atrium - [66] viewers - 1:19

9/28 - NEAR @ NIGHT w/ INC4, Spaceport, & Pembrock (spaces had difficulties, multiple links used) - [126] viewers - 1:33

9/29 - NEAR @ NIGHT w/ Nearlend DAO - [85] viewers - 1:12

10/03 - NEAR @ NIGHT - [53] viewers - 59:00 time

In addition to our normal N@N spaces, we were able to bring the following guests onto NEAR @ NIGHT for special AMA sessions:

Play Ember
Nearlend DAO
& many more to come!

Marketing Improvement:

We have learned so much from the initial month of NEAR @ NIGHT, and plan to record all N@N sessions in the future with third party software to have the ability to recycle audio for future content if needed.

One factor that may have contributed to a small reduction in viewers, was switching over to a newly created twitter account for hosting N@N spaces instead of a personal account. We have spent a large amount of time building up the N@N twitter account. As we continue with the spaces, our increasing following and influence will help gather more views for each show.


We are in the process of interviewing new hosts for N@N so we can expand our spaces into multiple time zones and increase our engagement.

We were able to improve our N@N hosting process over time and have found that inviting new guests each week allows for more engaging discussion and engagement from our audience. N@N will have at least with special guest AMA session each week as it continues, with a focus on providing a platform for new projects to discuss what they are adding to the NEAR ecosystem.


N@N continues to grow and maintains a healthy audience with many potential guest speakers reaching out each week. We will continue to seek renewal for NEAR @ NIGHT each month from the marketing DAO whilst improving our efforts to maximize our marketing outreach and engagement.

We are eager to hear feedback from the Marketing DAO council to improve NEAR at NIGHT for future proposals.


Trove Labs team.


I’ve been regularly attending these night caps. This is not due to blind devotion to the near ecosystem. The quality and content are consistent, reflecting the preparation beforehand. Consistent viewership further serves as an adjunct of exemplary production. I hope they continue to receive indefinite support.


Thank you so much for the kind words @agt! Your presence at N@N and within the NEAR community is definitely appreciated!


Hey @troveLabs, congratulations on your Spaces, that keeps getting better every day.


Hey @TroveLabs
I’ve tuned in for some of your stuff. Just to maintain consistency, if you can fill out the form- I’m happy to support.