[Report] Metaverse DAO monthly report for January 2022

Monthly Report - January 2022

Council Members:

*Target: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested: 5000 usd in NEAR
*Total Spent: 4535 usd in NEAR
*Total Left: 1266 DAI, 44.1715 NEAR, 99209 METACOINs, 50000000000 HAK.

What we proposed:

What we have accomplished in January :


Metaverse DAO earns 150 usd in NEAR for renting the parcel to Kalakendra DAO for 2 hours.

We received 50000000000 HAK as a donation (you can check in our wallet).

Bounty Initiatives and Hiring the Community

We hired three musicians, for 200 usd in DAI total for our 2 parties. They payout is accounted in the respective project report.

As we said, we also bought around 250 usd in NEAR from NFTs from the community that sent their work to metaverse. Accoutned in the specific project report.

Financial Movements

We sent 250 DAI to ref.finance to the liquidity pool with metacoin. We also traded some DAI for NEAR, to buy some NFTs from our Collection project: January 30th, 2022, we traded 250 dai for 23,81 near, according to the transactions in Metaverse DAO external wallet:
Transfer to external wallet As we said, we used that money to buy NFTs, according to our collection project, approved by the Creatives.

Updated Projects Timeline:
All the projects were made in the appropriate time, except for the podcast one, in which we had a delay, that will be solved in February.

We’ve: built NEAR Metaverse Magazine #2 as NFT and at a site, NEAR Metaverse Connection Center Party Ambient, with wearables to give in giveaways, 2 exhibition parties on metaverse with music, one of them with the illustrous presence of a metaverse reporter (called MetaverseInsider) and also a buying party, where we bought near NFTs with metaverse presence to our collection, we had 4 interviews with important near people, we recorded 12 events with our reporter and minted them as NFT; and we made a podcast with near content. We also started the preparations to our decentralized project, that will happen in February.

We could learn that we need to foresee our need for social media.

Next Steps:
Next steps are to keep making the magazine, the parties and the interviews, in order to keep track of near history, and to start building our social media. We also intend to start funding the projects from other people from the community. For exemple, our reporter is making his own project to our DAO, inasmuch as our new interviewer, our diagramming professional, the decentralized project, and so on. Our intention is to increase in the tier system.

Thanks for your support to Metaverse DAO!


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