[Report] Mana Blua Nomadelabel DAO - June Activities

Hi Ecosystem and Nomade Labours

Just came here to quick report.

Before I have doing the proposals for nomadelabel-dao, as i have being doing…

But now #nomadelabel-dao has being facing new paths of decentralization, and it has being great to see this movements, and give the place to others figure out they own ANTIMETODO.

June I just started to step towards decentralization of nomadelabers works, experimenting strategies on collective/individual autonomous re-Organization

Let’s try something new!

Before this month, i was taking the self-responsibility of curatory(cuidadoria antimetodo), production and guidance for

I did giveup this project, to re direct the founding for other project :

And the Bonus track of this month was to be part of the fallowing proposals, as nomadelabour :slight_smile: thanks friends:

As a body on the picture:

As a voice on the meta space:

Like a blow on:

My new step is to make my SEMESTER Report, to link to a general Nomade Label report, that can recap our step, to look to new drifts, discovery, and the construction of our sustanability path is already 'v being builded.

love and more

for nomade label Concil:
@ritamaria @filmesdeinfiltracao @gushlewis @fernandapaixao @gabrielfelipejacomel , and other members

@alinedaka @amarina_borck @fly @palomak @calebav

mais arrobas não cabem nesse post



Thanks @improvise @isadora_prata @Oli_hein @leticia_esposito @mariana_taques.near e #pedroathie



Awesome path and work @blusw !! Thank for this!


completed the month in good companion

thanks @filmesdeinfiltracao @fernandapaixao @ritamaria @gushlewis @palomak @Dazo @gabrielfelipejacomel @amandalealart @alinedaka @fly and others that i cant tag more