[Report] Jazz DAO July Report

Guild : Jazz DAO
Treasury : jazzdao.sputnik-dao.near
Council Members : @vicentetbh , @pan_tastick , @squattingPigeon

Dear community members and moderators,

July has been very challenging and very rewarding in many ways for us. Our delayed June Budget has been delivered last week at the very end of July so we are in the process of onboarding and paying the artists we had the privilege to work with. This month we were able to deliver events on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 31st July. Attendance has been incredible since we started and the venue is barely able to cope with the workload. Indeed all our events have been fully packed and some of them with queue up to 50mn. We’ve been working with the venue to streamline things and gather more efficient processes to manage things better.
Most of our payments are still outstanding due to delays and programming the entire month of August during this week. We should be able to catch up with our backlog in the coming weeks and will report more extensively on our progress with our next report.
As part of our risk and treasury management strategy we had to cancel on of our events planned on the 24th due to funding uncertainty increasing debt building up but we have however delivered most of our events.

  • In June we’ve decided to investigate suitable legal wrappers for our DAO. We’ve managed collect a few leads we are planning on pursuing. Our June budget covering this matter has been delivered very recently so we should be able to move forward with this once we have achieved consensus on a suitable wrapper. We are currently discussing and investigating the suitability of the non-profit cultural association form widely adopted by organisation such as ours in Portugal.

  • As pointed out by moderators, we’re working on developing collaborations with intra ecosystem DAOs. The learning curve and the workload has been very steep for new council members so we should eventually get there.
    This month we are collabing with the DJ DAO for an event due to stream at the end of the month. We are also putting out a bounty to the community for our logo which is currently a temporary one.

  • In terms of metrics our socials have been growing exponentially. We are now at 430 followers on instagram which is triple the figure achieved from last month.

  • Event details and media for each event programmed in July can be seen as follows:

  • 3rd July

  • 10 July

  • 17th July

  • 31st July

  • Last but not least our DAO and its Sunday Live Sessions is now featured with a permanent grand format banner outside our partner venue.

As ever thank you very much for you support and efforts in helping us be and grow!

Hello @squattingPigeon, thank you for the report

Can you add more details on the report for the live events?

I just can see 4 IG post with 2 color posters and text in the description.

$3300 was asked for 4 live events, before we move on with the August proposal, moderators would love to see what impact your events generated? how actually the event went & what value they add to the NEAR ecosystem.

For now, I don’t find any compelling reason in your report to further support following events. Thank you!

Thanks @williamx for taking the time to read our report. The color posters you mention are promotional material introducing/promoting the event and the artists we are working with/onboarding. I think it is fairly common practice for event promotion on instagram. What is perhaps not clear in the report (apologies for that) is perhaps the fact that after every event promo post we post more detailed information about everyone involved and also pictures and summary of the event so i encourage you to look through the feed following every event. The files are too big and too many to post here but the pictures speak for themselves i hope. You may not see value in us where you stand but we’ve become the ambassadors if this ecosystem in this city in real life. Wherever we go whatever we do people recognise us as the “Near people” as we’ve been doing this for close to 2 years now through various Lisbon based DAOs. We promote Jazz which is the art we practice and Near which is the ecosystem we are a part of. Near is also funding us and providing the web 3 toolkit we use to organise and run ourselves. Our events are packed with people interested in what we do and how we do it. I truly hope you can see some value in this. We are a music guild like NxM, Dj DAO & Beat DAO although much younger so we have a lot to do and learn to reach their maturity however, we are determined to get there. I hope i was able to address some of your concerns here. Thank you!

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Thank you for pointing out, that was the one I’m looking for.

That made my day reading this. I also trying to do the same thing in Vietnam with VN Artists DAO and I understand how this motivates you keeping the flow of work.

What I suggest to add more information so that everyone passing by the forum can understand how your event actually went:

  • If pictures are large & hard to upload on forum, please share a drive for reference.
  • Includes number of people participated in each event for reference.
  • If possible, includes more NEAR related logos/brand (and also Creatives DAO) throughout your events (set up space, IG post, …) - that’s the way a normal community member (and even me who don’t attend in person) without much insights about what you’re doing understand more about the proposal & its report.

Thank you for the clarification!