[Report] January 2022 Social Media Marketing

Project Name: KalakendraDAO Marketing

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Hey Marketing DAO,

We had A lot of Creative Activities happened in the Month of January. which really gave Organic Growth to our KalakendraDAO Social Media Channels, we see a Progression Adoption of Blockchain and NFT in Indian Market after the Government sets up the Tax to 30% Making Crypto Legal(Still Not Yet) in India.

This gives a huge Opportunity for the KaalakendraDAO to Grow in the Indian Space in the upcoming Months,

Let’s Speak on Metrics

Twitter Management - January-2022

We had a good kick start in January 2022, Glad to inform you that we have made a positive response by reaching more than 40 followers and still receiving more community.

From the analytics provided by Twitter, we achieved the following metrics. We managed to increase our follower count compared to January 2022, with more impressions and tweets

Our most popular Tweet was a call for submissions for our January Event!

Instagram Management - January-2022

From the analysis provided we were able to receive a massive response from Instagram. As of this post, we have reached from 51 to 107 followers.

We were able to reach more than 4227 viewers our videos and reels also reached more than 2000 viewers. For the month of January, our overall growth is mentioned below.

We had a live session with #onthestreetsofchennai musical band to share some knowledge regarding blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, and how it linked with the arts, also had a few informative videos and posts.

Telegram Management - January-2022

Our growth increased in January 2022! around 80 members.

The use of the https://t.me/KalaKendraDAO telegram group to highlight key activities continues. This has been helpful for new members to navigate all the activities in the group without getting lost!

There has been a significant influx of members this January who are actively involved in the chat regarding gaining knowledge about the blockchain, metaverse, and minting NFTs.

Facebook Management - January-2022

There were some Couple of Post on Facebook, Which was CRoss Posted from the Instagram. The Facebook Seems Lil Dull on Engagement, last week and looking out ways to engage in near future


Outcome our behindie music episode 2 which aired on cryptovoxel and YouTube we got a great engagement and result. The cryptovoxel had a increase in engagement upto 300 visitors and YouTube had a increased view and subscibers level.

Overall kalakendradao did a decent start this year, looking to reach heights in upcoming months . Thank you marketingdao for supporting us.

Note : we haven’t received any payment so far from the month of December. January month payment pending due to recent changes in community payment process

Thank you
Monish M


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