[Report] from Dance DAO for the month of May

May Monthly Report

Project Name: DanceDAO

Project Status: In Progress

Council members:






Balance: current account balance _ $359.51(68.871N)

Astrodao dancedao.sputnik-dao.near


Our community is fast growing, we have more members on Telegram and all our social media platforms.

We now have a store on mintbase; ‘DanceNear’ and have commenced minting of NFTS. We now have some NFTs in our store. We have added one of our community member as a minter.

We also sent 0.2N each to help open some Wallets.




Mobile dance: completed


Show Your Moves Dance Competition Season 1: completed


Dance Driven Publicity And Activation for Dance DAO: Ongoing

Dance therapy and competition: Ongoing. All the dancers have been registered and handed over to the therapist.


Balance before funding: $1740.50 (168.0015N)

We received: $3000 (442.5N)

Currently: $359.51(68.871N)

(Due to drop in Near two projects are yet to be completed due to drop in the value of funds)

Next Steps:

We are actively working on developing our community, and populate the Near community with more creative and talented users.

We also encourage everyone who has dance related arts, to come mint them on our store.

We encourage dancers and dance lovers in the community to join our fast growing community:

[@neardancedao] - (Login • Instagram) - Instagram

@neardancedao - TikTok


[Dance DAO](Dance DAO Telegram: Contact @dancedao)

@creativesdao-council here’s our report

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