[Report - February] Guild Ops - Concierge Team

Hey NEARverse!

This is the report from Guild Ops for February

Introduction -

Guild Ops is a sub-team of the Concierge team where the Concierge team is about helping the community grow. Still, Including community moderation, Guild Ops works explicitly closely with Guilds In the NEARverse.

Guild Ops helps new/old guilds to find their way to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem and works as a bridge between Guilds<>Guild and Guild<>NEAR foundation. Our team is consists of three members - @Jloc @simeon4real and @Jiten123321

Report from @Jloc:

Management and process:

The first tasks included analyzing and deep understanding of the guild onboarding process. We decided it is necessary to improve effective communication with guilds through reports from this information.

The concierge team collaborated to create a report (Typeform) for guilds and projects.

We also did check-in meets with most of the guilds of the ecosystem. The workload was too big, and we decided to improve the process due to the number of guilds and projects.

After studying the tiering system, we decided to somehow filter the guilds into those that fit the most into the tiering system.

We filtered the guilds and started working closely with the most active and promising guilds that can provide value to the ecosystem.

Some of the most common issues we encountered were:

  • Guilds members onboarding.

  • Guilds core members recruitment.

  • Guilds establishment process

  • Projects funding.

  • Cross collaborations among guilds.

  • Communication with NF.

Other management tasks:

I created a kickoff guide for Regional guilds. This guide later evolved into a complete guide for most guilds types, not only regional.

I worked on several spreadsheets where we updated the Guild’s information such as contact information, guilds status, guild type, active projects, active members, guilds reach, and several notes/requirements.

Through the last two months, I collaborated in spreading the word among the guilds about sensitive/essential guides and documents that need to be translated by each Guild for the regional groups.

With the help of @FritzWorm , I also created our tiering system table to define which guilds are the best candidates.

We also created a Gitbook page to gather the general information related to the guilds (for leaders and members) where they can go to clear out any questions regarding guilds establishments, purposes, process, reports, collaborations, etc. We are currently looking to gather all the information from this guide and migrate it to a place where we can also combine it with the Guilds services page created by @jiten123321 .

Projects/guilds collaborations highlights:

  • C1 Guild projects onboarding and collaboration with proposals for grants/funding. Advisory about NF and budget. Still in the process due to legal complications about the project. This guild is a great prospect for a nonprofit collaboration with the NF.

  • Arroz Creativo Guild, from my perspective and after working closely with this Guild, Arroz Creativo Guild is one of the most active regional Guilds I have worked with, shown on their end-users onboarding into the ecosystem. I helped with some processes, advised the project proposals, and presented them to the community. We are still defining the next steps for a platform that will allow users onboard through NFT’s representing a club membership—also contributed to linking with Open Web Sandbox for core team expansion and recruitment.

  • NEAR Insider is a great marketing guild that has participated in many collaborations through the entire ecosystem. I helped them to get established as a guild and get listed. I also helped with the funding request proposal for the guild. Advisory about guild marketing and outreach with other guilds inside the ecosystem.

  • Legal Guild is an advisory and education guild. I managed a collaboration with Open We Sandbox Guild and NEAR Venezuela, translating a series of guides and courses for Legal Guild. We created an outreach schedule to spread said guides and courses through the main NEAR channels such as Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. Legal Guild is currently expanding their reach to Spanish, Frech, and Russian communities with this collaboration.

  • Open Web Sandbox is, of course, one of the most essential members incubator guilds. After a few months of getting acquainted with the ecosystem, we met and defined one of the critical requirements they have if people leave the OWS platform. We still don’t have an answer for this particular case, but we are considering OWS for most of the projects and linking Guild leaders with OWS to use their services in terms of recruitments and temporal funding.

  • NEAR Italia is a new Guild. I helped with the establishment and guild focus. This Guild will help as a language bridge with the community of Italy. Of course, as a regional guild, they will focus on onboarding and educating the members inside the NEAR ecosystem.

  • NEAR Venezuela is another essential regional Guild. As a member and co-founder of NEAR Venezuela, I’m closely involved in all the projects. I can proudly say that I have contributed to onboarding many members who are currently contributing to the ecosystem, expanding to other guilds, and even starting their NEAR projects. For more details about the projects, we can say NEAR Venezuela is one of the most transparent/open Guilds, and we focus on reporting as much as we can to the community in the gov forum :slight_smile:

Other contacted guilds:

The Chan Guild, Marma J Foundation, Kitchen Guild, Metaverse DAO, Mineria Virtual, CN4 Guild, NEAR Week, Wizards Guild, Minerall Guild, Flying Rino Guild, NEAR NFT Club, Sankore, Swine Guild, NEAR Hispano, NEAR Nigeria, NEAR Music Guild (NxM)

Aspects of improving:

I a more personal note, I think I should improve in connecting more with the rest of the concierge team. It is essential to delegate responsibilities when it comes to managing or leading. Going to work on that for the upcoming months. We have a great and capable team and I’ll try to make better use of our own resources.

The NEAR ecosystem is constantly changing and evolving. Even though we aim to be more decentralized and community-driven, we must improve communication between Guilds leaders and NF through the concierge team.

In my opinion, we have to improve the way we request information, updates, and reports from the guilds. Also, this will be beneficial to the guilds too. If we manage to keep in touch with their requirements, we can optimize response times and be more effective in projects execution.

Guild Ops + Moderation duty:

Working as part of the Guild ops team has helped me know the ecosystem and the reach we have as a community. I have onboarded many users when redirecting them to the corresponding guilds/projects in my Moderator duties. I have also guided and funded over 30 wallets for newcomers while working as a moderator.

Of course, it has given me a deep understanding of end-user requirements, and I have translated that information for the guild leaders.


For sure, many things are missing in this report that I don’t remember. That’s why we will be reporting more frequently.

Please feel free to critique my work as im always aiming to be better at my job. There is not much else to say besides that it has been thrilling to work with such an amazing team.

For that, and much more, I’m truly thankful!

Reports from @jiten123321 :

I spend most of my time helping the community with their queries, but I’m still a Guild Ops, so I wanted to highlight some works last month.

  • Guided Vitalpoint AI to receive a grant from NF for building NEAR Subgraph Directory and Development.
  • Helped Malaysia Guild with onboarding, launching their first initiative.
  • Launching a fundraising campaign for a natural disaster in the Philippines with the Philippines guild.
  • Mentoring some project leaders from the NEAR community to apply for grants
  • Listing new articles for translation
  • Adding new or missed guild leaders to the TG
  • Updating the guild leaders’ list as new guilds are rising.
  • Keep updating the Guild service list.
  • Helping community members to launch their new guilds like Near Spain, Malaysia

Working on a Doc/notion board to list services and requirements list of Guild to increase the interoperability between guilds and if you’re a Guild leader or part of any Guild, please feel free to attend this survey.

Reports from simeon4real:

Some activities carried out:

  • Took up the Guilds Dashboard project and kept it up-to-date with the latest data as seen here on a weekly basis including a discussion with the dashboard project team with a focus on improving the Dashboard data presentation. https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/64292554-b0c3-4292-89e7-c25936943a3e/page/p_68p8frevmc
  • Made sure all news and updates are in sync among guilds.
  • Worked closely with Jessica to send invites for the January Guilds Office hours recording the highest attendance for good office hours to date.
  • Streamlined the process for guilds to reach out and communicate with the NEAR guild’s team.
  • Maintained and updated Guilds database with new data including new community channels, DAOs, highlighting inactive guilds in the program and more.



Hello Partners! Awesome work @jiten123321 @simeon4real @Jloc !!!

I am very glad to work with you on the Concierge Team !!! U know I will be always close as I do love the Guilds initiatives :wink:

Thanks, Jose Luis for the mention :star_struck:

I am thinking now at loud… we could do a thread for the reports maybe? Similar to what the Community Team does. I will talk about this with my partners on the Projects Ops team @HaiVu @LarryLang @Kemal

Big hug and


Yes I think it would be better to make a thread and report there every month :slight_smile: @FritzWorm


An important point, @Jloc. One area where I’d like the team to improve is explicit delegation of responsibilities, cohesion, and better sync across the team (guild-ops, guilds, guild leaders, and the NF).

I’m also seconding @FritzWorm’s suggestion to have a thread that would be updated by a period of time we agree on for reporting - bi-weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly basis. something similar to this: NEAR RU TPS Report - #33 by Vladislav_vl25 would do just fine.

To top it up, I just want to thank @jiten123321 for taking out time out of his busy schedule to compile the report together. I’ve enjoyed working alongside you and @Jloc as guild-ops. thank you guys for all you do.