[Report] djDAO June 2022

May 2022 Monthly Report

Project Name: DJ DAO

Project Status: ACTIVE

Council members:
netuno.near @netunoblu
glazedbaguette.near @glazedbaguette.near
rosario.near @TRosario
judeashwin.near @JudeKIL

Balance: Astrodao V2 105.24 N ( + 8.51 N sputnik treasury + 6N Astrodao V3)

Astrodao: V2 - dj-dao.sputnik-dao.near / V3 - dj-dao-plus.sputnik-dao.near

Firstly we begin by announcing the addition of @JudeKIL as a new council member of the DJ DAO, replacing @TRosario who we would like to sincerely thank for his participation and time on this council. DJ DAO wishes him the best for all the good work he is doing with #gruta-dao and other ventures.


1. DJ DAO Live - KL 002

Poster design by pij.near

The event was completed successfully with a live attendance of 30pax and 17 new near wallets made.

Here are some photos from the event! A google photo album can also be found here, and will be shared with the #creatives:nxm-guild social media team.

2. Soundsplash (DJ DAO x DAORecords)

The first month of events has been completed successfully. Here are some metrics and photos from the Soundsplash CV venue

Our Instagram page had 19 new followers, and our Twitter had 18 new followers!

Additionally we have upgraded our V2 Astrodao to V3 and will be transferring our assets from our old sputnik and also the V2 astrodao to the new V3 treasury.

Feel free to connect and participate with us via any of our socials and be sure to follow us on Twitch to catch our live-streamed events.

See you at the next show~

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Thanks for all the time spent in the DJ-DAO!

I hope for the best and I am open for collaborations in the future and so is Gruta!

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