[REPORT] Creatives Monthly Moderation @adrianseneca

Creatives DAO Monthly Moderation Report for @adrianseneca - February

Hello Creatives!

It has been a joy and honor working with you all this February! I was shocked to find out that I had received this position in a very intense moment of my life but was accepted with such grace. I am looking forward to continuing to serve Creatives with integrity and learning more about all the projects here!

February Report:

  • I participated in 2 moderation meetings (one at the beginning of the month and one at the end)
  • I stayed present in the Creative Moderator discussions that explored payout processes, questions about proposals, tackling difficult discussions etc.
  • I participated in all 4 community office hours
  • I spoke on one one with several individuals on how to go about the new payout system
  • I guided many proposals to fit into the proposal format properly
  • I approved many proposals during the funding cycle
  • I commented on a large chunk of AstroDAO polls to add the Near value for NF
  • I learned the new payout process, how to use functions on AstroDAO properly and how to work best with the other moderators

For March I will be requesting 250N from Creatives DAO


March 2022 Report:

  • Attended 3 out of the 4 weekly Creatives DAO calls via telegram.
  • Attended two internal team meetings of all of the moderators to discuss the transition and the future of creatives DAO.
  • Assisted in guiding new DAOs about how to maneuver within Creatives
  • I devoted energy to deeply understanding and beginning the process of mediating different pain points happening within the community
  • I initiated healthy conversations around difficult topics within some proposals
  • I analyzed incoming introductions, proposals to approve as many proposals possible
  • I updated the moderators Master DAO list with new DAOs and new information metric categories for further understanding of how to maintain a fair ecosystem

It’s been a joy to engage deeper with the community in this way. I’ve learned a lot so far. Myself and the moderators team have a lot of cool ideas on how to progress Creatives DAO and I can’t wait to see how we can continue to grow together.


Excellent jobs always :heart:


April 2022 Report:

  • I deeply studied a community conflict and organized with my fellow moderators to respond to the issue with integrity, transparency and responsibility.
  • I participated in the internal board meetings to keep evolving the Creatives community.
  • Co-host for 2/4 of Telegram Meetings with the Creatives.
  • I helped guide folks through the new voting processes.
  • I assisted DAOs in improving their proposals.
  • I asked informative questions to communities to encourage and embody accountability.
  • I updated the Creatives DAO record keeping pages to further our goal of decentralization.

This month proved to be a lot with many extra dynamics happening as the Creatives DAO expands, on top of a few weeks of personal illness. Overall I am happy with what I was able to give to this community and am looking forward to sharing some of my observations about decentralization with you all when I have some space to do so! :slight_smile:


good job. And thank for the custom call video :relaxed::pray:t6:

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May 2022 Report:

Hey Creatives Fam,

This month we all got into some serious conversations about the future of our community and I am honored to have facilitated some of them. Things are moving along as we onboard new moderators to help with this challenge and I am really looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor!

  • I participated the internal moderator meetings to keep up to date on work flows, work on the future of Creatives DAO, and decide on new moderators.
  • Attended 3 out of the 4 Creatives Community Calls in which I hosted 2.
  • Hosted an extra community meeting for folks who were interested in planning for the future of creatives DAO.
  • I assisted DAOs in improving their proposals.
  • I asked informative questions to communities to encourage and embody accountability.
  • Wrote up & posted the open call for new moderators as well as the Creatives DAO transition updates.
  • Facilitated the beginning system for voting for the new moderators.

I will use this report to request a 250N payment for my Creatives DAO Moderation work!


June 2022 Report:

Hey Creatives,

This month has been wild. SO many changes happening with our entire community looking for solutions to how to move forward with grace and 5 new moderators added to the team!

  • I participated in the internal moderator meetings to keep up to date on work flows, work on the future of Creatives DAO, and decide on new moderators. (Most weeks this was 3x a week)
  • I contributed to documents that the moderators team put together regarding new guidelines, grant drafts, etc.
  • Attended 3 out of the 4 Creatives Community Calls, I have been stepping back from hosting with my capacity hitting its limit and to allow new moderators to take over as we transition out.
  • I assisted DAOs in improving their proposals.
  • I contributed to updating our spreadsheet of proposals.
  • I did my best to bring accountability to proposals.
  • I analyzed proposals looking for value and made hard decisions with the moderators team to begin making the rejection of proposal not meeting standards an acceptable practice within the Creatives DAO space.

I will use this report to request a 250N payment for my Creatives DAO Moderation work!


July 2022 Report:

Hey Creatives,

Here is my report for July. This month was intended to be my last month of moderation but the current moderators have asked for the older moderators to stay on for one more month to assist with workload and transition.

  • I participated in the internal moderator meetings to keep up to date on work flows and work on the future of Creatives DAO.
  • Attended 3 out of the 4 Creatives Community Calls.
  • I assisted DAOs in improving their proposals.
  • I analyzed proposals looking for value and accountability making hard decisions to sometimes close proposals.
  • I came up with the “creatives-evolution” tag to organize all converstation around our community growth
  • I helped communicate a slowing down of the transition speed of Creatives DAO
  • I shared my personal experience as a moderator thus far
  • I consolidated data from all 2022 reports and formatted it into a Q1 & Q2 Report as well as a July 2022 Report for the community to see.

I will use this report to request a 250N payment for my Creatives DAO Moderation work!


Excellent job :+1::gift_heart:. Kudos

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Hello Creatives Community,

I would like to apologize for such a late report. NEARCON, travel, a bit of illness and a lot of personal and chosen family life events within the last months have kept me from engaging on the the forum. I am slowly moving back into the space with ease to give my input on the changes that have been happening.

The beginning of September was finally my time to step down from the moderators position here in the Creatives DAO. The 7 months of moderation work have been a constantly morphing experience that has presented me with so many new experiences and lessons. I cannot say that this role was an easy one to fill, but, in many ways it was rewarding. I have already given an in depth experience review back in July but I will expand a bit further here.

The beginning of the role came with a huge learning curve for me as things felt quite elusive and unclear. Eventually I learned that there is no black and white, right or wrong way to show up in this space. The best way to show up was to show up as myself and lean into my strengths. This realization truly gave me a better understanding of the beauty and opportunity Web3 and decentralization have to potentially offer us the chance to redefine work and do what is most natural to us. I found that my unique worldview brought some pretty insightful and useful tools to this journey, and I hope, to this community.

As for August, my final month, I took a step back from being so strongly involved with moderation in order to encourage the newer round of moderators to get comfortable without us, therefore I completed:

  • Attendance 2 out of the 4 weekly community meetings
  • Participation in internal meetings to review proposals
  • Participation in meeting with original moderators to review the Creatives DAO operations
  • Reviewal of incoming proposals
  • Communication with community around proposal submission

Some of the public highlights of my role overall have been:

  • Conflict Resolution which took a great deal of time and energy to decipher
  • Creating a tag for the Creatives Evolution topic thread for the community to easily converse.
  • Putting together our first Q1 Report
  • Communicating shifts, asks, and difficult transitions to the community in a empathetic way with the hope of sparking productive conversations that lead to gentle transition through some Updates and Pausing Transitions

My biggest reflections from this experience have been:

Art & Culture in a Highly Financialized Space
As I witness this creative community expand, shift, and evolve over the last year I see the recurring difficulty of defining and valuing creativity. When resources are abundant, experimentations rise, swirl and make lives of their own, birthing new projects, new DAOs, and new communities. When tides are low the restraints of definition fall down onto the hands of the artist asking that old, dehumanizing question, “why are you valuable?”. Rivalry and devaluation slyly enter, only to be silently seeded into the hearts of the makers and fruited as violence that comes from a self policed people.

How do creatives exist in such a highly financialized space? How do we measure, quantify and box the “un-boxable”? This sacred relationship, so interwoven with our personhood, feels immeasurable. Yet, everyday we are asked to measure it and generation after generation a foreign eye does this measuring. With these new tools, I would suggest that we take the opportunity to decide, for ourselves and together, what is valuable.

What this will take, I suppose, will be real collaboration and clear communication. Bridge building between worlds and open hearts ready to listen, ready to change.

Collaboration > Competition
I have been meditating deeply on the practice of collaboration over competition, engaging in many conversations and drawing from my past community work, both on and offline. I have come to the knowing that collaboration is a holistic, harmonious, and efficient way to work together in integrity. From what I have seen, many folks enjoy the idea of collaboration but hold an inherent belief that competitive environments are necessary to creating high quality projects in any space.

I disagree.

“Inside of this system of thinking and acting, we have already witnessed 2 years of the cryptocurrency industry attempting to make changes, yet because they have not changed the basic assumptions of competition, scarcity, and value, they are plagued with the same problems as the previous system.” - Voice Of Humanity White paper

Competition: Separation & Scarcity
The foundations of competition are built on the inherent belief systems of separation and scarcity. Separation creates a culture of “us” verses “them” which enforces the illusion that we are not interconnected. Scarcity mindsets prolong the illusion that there is not enough for everyone. Both of these lead to ladder climbing, tearing others down to get to the top, resource hoarding, metrics valued higher than humans, homogeny, lack of diversity, and gatekeeping, which tend to lead to bullying, dictatorships and overall unsafe ecosystems.

Collaboration: Connectivity, Trust & Reciprocity
At a minimum, the foundations of collaboration are built on connectivity, trust, and reciprocity. Ubuntu (which I have learned from my DAO partner Asya), means “I am, because we are”. Connectivity creates a culture of togetherness and extends our individual or bubbled communities into larger circles of shared vision and interconnectedness. Trust, often built on real bonds or through consistent action, strengthens connectivity and can create safety within communities when used as an evaluation tool to tell when relationships are aligned. Reciprocity creates cultures of gift giving, mutual action and respect making space for us to transition out of scarcity into more abundant understandings that, when we come together, we actually do have enough - often plenty.

Collaboration makes room for meaningful engagement and relationships, information and resource sharing, creativity, vulnerability and community evolution. Learning how to collaborate in harmony with one another rather than compete and extract is learning how to face and solve the issues we are facing in our world.

How do we build an inclusive and collaborative ecosystem? We work together. As I stated during the “How DAOs Get Work Done” Panel at @NEARCON, if we wish to do decentralized collaboration well, we must consult and work with the experts in collaboration which are Nature and Indigenous People Everywhere. This means making the effort to step outside of our silos, outside of our comfort zones, having the courage to question ourselves, finding unlikely partnerships, bridging the gaps, inviting divergent perspectives to the table, investing in relationships, centering balance and wellness of the whole.

May we build beyond the hype… beyond the productiveness of our work and be graced with deeper growth that gifts us a livable world.