It’s why we need an independent Transparency Commission in V1 to review the cases. The scoring system is partially subjective in my opinion, but looks suitable for the first approach. The weak side is applicants can cheat the system.

One person/wallet has opened three different wallets and appointed them to council seats. This allowed to get the necessary points in the “DAO/Decentralization” category. I believe the CMods team listens to feedback and will revise the system.



Thing is, the creatives scoring system doesnt apply to such scenarios because that DAO doesnt even come on community calls or have a y familiarity with the creatives or leverage for its members.

We made sure of solving that multiple wallet problem by simultaneously having the core dAO members in the creatives call as a PROOF OF GENUINENESS a d SERIOUSNESS only to put in so much work and the creatives just ignored ALL OUR AUTHENTIC AND BY THE RULES EFFORT

Then reward DAOs and individuals that didnt hearken to the approval guidelines… this looks like double standard…please explain this @Paul @kc_sollano @Cryptonaut


I’m one of the councils member of the Ubuntu photography fellowship, the DAO as a new community has been really active on chain

When we reviewed your proposal, one of the thing that stood out the most were 3 things

  1. Instagram account - not working


  1. LinkedIn account. - has 2 followers.


  1. Twitter account was established in Feb 2023


The other 2 councils have just shared their Instagram and that doesn’t provide sufficient info about the leadership of the DAO.

Also, one of your councils is linked to John X which was a member banned for illegal activities using community funds.

I don’t know if @Dacha is familiar with John X situation. However, any association with John X will bring this community to bad light.


I didn’t see your comments about the metric system being a problem before your project was rejected and I doubt it would’ve been questioned if the proposal was approved.

For the reason mentioned above I personally didn’t support this.

Other @creativesdao-council might have other points to share.


Well said …truthful​:+1::+1:

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Yes Report from C1/NxM NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition )

Thanks for great explanation.


Greetings! I provided 2/3 of my team members with wallets to use since the DAO creation was on my side and they asked me to cover this question because they were focused on their tasks. This or that way, this issue was discussed internally with my team according to DAO principles. So the only problem is that I provided my team member with own wallets.

It’s not a cheating because there are real team members but I wouldn’t do that again if I knew people would consider it like that.

Btw, that’s not the first time you’re acting like that. Your first message on our proposal was focused on the opinion that… we just want to support 1MIL tokens sale, which was rude enough.

Anyway, I’m glad there is space for such discussions. However, I hope they whould be more polite

Thanks for your respose

I appreciate your consideration, but i still have to note that your response did not answer the pertinent questions i asked, well let me answer yours then.

My instagram account is working and active, did you send me a DM that i didnt respond, no!! I have 45 organic followers, thanks

I feel this shouldnt be your concern about how i manage my linkedin account, i am a monk and i just came out of obscurity a few months ago to re-socialize. Does this observation portray any inadequacy of any sort or question of reputation? My linkedin account is fresh and i opened it recently upon working with Black History DAO. My name is enyinnaya and this me below

This is also not any reason to validate authenticity as i have stated above, i am a monk that just came out of obscurity, thanks…would it be reasonable for you to make any judgement with that? If you have concerns about legitmacy of an individual you can schedule a call or request kYC… at least thats better than sidelining a legitimate community to support one that has no evidence whatsoever… and yet you want to judge

Are they not legitimate working instagram accounts? , they are photographers and instagram is their preferred social app which is sensible to agree, and they can also speak for themselves. But i would ask you, did @Paul or anyone schedule a call with us to discuss this legitimacy or prod us with necessary questions to prove their identity and personality, and moreover this is a new community on NEAR they are just learning the ropes… what is the grouse?

Hello, i am friends with John X, i helped him engineer his album which was a masterpiece as people commented. He has being talking to us about NEAR for a while and he is the one that recommended you to us

Ill like you to note that John X is a great man, i wont deny that he has some touch of insanity which usually is a signature of genius but he has a heart gor growth and progress and lifting other people around him… he is a multidimensional being who is good to somee and bad to some, but who am i to make judgement, i am a monk and i will say that he has made some artistic and humanistic contributions that are worthy of emulating
I just spoke to him on te phone about all these and he should be able to answer for himself

Still, we have no connection with John X on this project and he is not advising us, he only recommended NEAR. Now let me ask you, how does being familiar with John X determine the credibility and integrity of what we are doing? John X is not part of our mantra or goals or objectives and has nothing to do with us, so how does his case interfere with ours? Please do answer… would you say that fonald trumps accountants or stewards are (evil) as donald trump because they work in the trump tower? That logic is not too sound i guess

But i would not deny that i know John X and also the fact that i see some good in hin that should be emulated

Please we are a community genuinely building, we have so much beauty in store, if you have inquiries about our personalities schedule a call with us, we would appear on video, we would do KYC, and if you have any issues with us please speak up, post on the forum, invite the community to speak and share their thoughts and not carry out agendaa behind the scenes that influence decisions that are borne of transparency and inclusion but of petty biases and grouse


The Ubuntu Phoography Fellowshio had members that were ready to present themselves upon request… they had legitimate socìals at least… but the indiaverse people are not even known at all, dont even attend calls or nothing and they were funded

So how does your respose so far answer to the illegitimacy of your actions or show proof of owning up all the inconsistencies mentioned

@Dacha @Psalmy @blaze @Paul @kc_sollano @williamx

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Thank you! Have a good day.

It would be great to see another one
successful dapp in our Ecosystem.

@Michael_S could you please share your
Calendly please?


Hello,creative DAO mods can manipulate the scoring system at any time. If you disagree with it, your comment will be hidden on the forum. @blaze can we create a new Creative DAO WG, or is there a place for one Creative DAO only? Or how can we reelect councils?

I took the time to explain but ive to be honest, the criterias you mentioned have no precedent whatsover in how proposals are being approved.

You said my instagram wasnt working and yet it was an error in my linktree (you could have requested)

Here is my instagram:

You mentioned my twitter as a newly created account… woww…the question shouĺd be if the account was active or not… and you can see its active… with genuine NEAR followers

Question is, are there no other transparent ways to express concerns or request information or request genuineness of identity other than to make judgements that are totally contrasted to available evidence
Why didnt you people mention anything about these in the calls where the Ubuntu Photography fellowship DAO was present

And also why would you use socials as a complaint when it wasnt even a criteria to fund the indiaverse DAO that had no known community or socials or familiarisation of the indiaverse DAo with the community

So much double standards
@Paul @Cryptonaut @blaze @Ella @Psalmy @Dacha

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Answered you on DMs. :heart_on_fire:

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I was on the call.

Fake accusation. I has a record on my phone, it was shocked, we’re being bullied,

The office hours are offered by the mods to further assist the community, note that we do this in a good will, that’s not even a compulsory written in our duty. Please revise the language in this comment, it is against community guidelines.


Then please share the recording of the call you have on your phone so that everyone can see.

I will revise the language once that is done


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I think its important overall not to over-value attending a zoom call. I do believe it is a flaw in the scoring system and have expressed that. Not because participating in community calls shouldn’t be considered but because people think that sitting on a zoom call is providing more value than it really is and that it should then warrant funding their projects.

However, the creatives mods have worked their tail off to accommodate far more people and projects than deserve it, still to this day, and they are in an impossible position to navigate. It has been grossly unfair and I do not envy the spot they’ve been put in.

The accusations and bitterness of those not getting funded needs to stop too. Existing and being present in an ecosystem is not the same as providing value to that ecosystem and people need to really start looking inward at what they bring to the table.

Reality Check for creatives: creating isn’t inherently valuable. It can bring value to you and your life but in the bigger picture amongst the impact of the greater good of a blockchain, creative projects need to be evaluated much more critically. I have seen great attempts from mods and other governing/working groups raise the bar. In the same vain, I have seen creatives resist and feel entitled to be rewarded simply because they are creating something.

As for some of the extracurricular criticisms and abuses of power among moderators of DAOS/Councils/Forums, that is also an issue that I plan to address in greater detail. Some people with disproportionate influence have greatly misused their platform and position, while being enabled to do so, and it appears their only value and contributions to the ecosystem are to pick people apart in a less than constructive way. But that is to be expected when people are elevated to positions of power and influence that do not have the background, credentials nor temperament to responsibly fulfill the duties of those roles they’ve been appointed or appointed themselves.

Idk what the answers are but failing to acknowledge the toxicity (and plenty more unflattering attributions) that is so persistently pervasive is def not it.


Yep, gotta agree with a lot of this @rhymetaylor


These are very severe accusations against a DAO Council Member which are not backed by any evidence, hence your comment was flagged and deleted. I understand your frustration for not having your funding proposal approved but this kind of behaviour will only deteriorate your reputation in the ecosystem.

I also wouldn’t recommend posting Zoom call recordings on a public forum without all participants’ consent.

If you genuinely feel you’ve been ill treated and verbally abused feel free to reach out to me. Thanks.


Hello to you all, John x is here,

It is quite sad that my name has been brought up again with how much ive been through in almost two years of the event that transpired.
After all appeals i made about the whole issue, i reached out to many community moderators over time all to no avail. What do the creatives have against me? I was suspended for three months and after that the creatives still keep putting messes on my name till this day. What have i done to deserve all these negative smearing?
I personally appealed and called all parties for reconciliation after some time but the creatives did not help me towards any reconcialiation whatsoever.

And till date my name is being smeared and used in the wrong light. It feels so painful that with all the contributions i made that it was only my mistakes that i am being judged with as if i am the only one who is prone to mistake and not bound to learn and grow. I dont know who the creatives are and till date ive been blocked from the community chat but honestly it feels a little upsetting that negativity is what am known for after all these years. Does anyine at least not feel like i am capable of doing any good, any positive contribution. Have i been the only one whose loyalty was brought to question in the whole NEAR ecosystem? Why only me?

I will address this issue on ground in the best way i can.
Firstly, I encouraged enyinnaya about building on NEAR with his friends just like i have advised numerous people and onboarded them to NEAR, people like @AugustKinge (gabriel) and his wife @FabDab (hephzibah) , the music producer @BigM007 whom i shared a flat with, @Licious_Crackitt a producer that contribyted to NxM, @beetlejuice i invited to help with spiritual dao

Would we say that because i had issues with NEAR i shouldnt encourage people to build communities with available resource to help them scale?

Creatives what have i done? Almost two years now and it seems like i either killed someone or took someone’s wife or did something so bad with the kind of hate @Paul has shown towards me in the abuse of my legacy. I got a call from enyinnaya that you claimed because he wrote my EP that he is nkt deserving if funding, because he mixed my EP two years ago? Paul this is unbecoming honestly, and also he was accused that he was John X because of the he way he sounded even after he was ready to tender government ID? Have you seen me in person physically or lived with me to say what i really look like, sound like or so… you dont have that right?

Ive healed from all the pain and all the trauma, the friends i lost… @vandal @Symbolik @komori and even @Dacha i couldnt reach out to after the shame of all the information( fabricated plus true) that was used against me… dacha please DM me your telegram handle or phone number or any means to reach you there is a lot to talk about

Also, how does the creatives moderators decide who is who even after they are ready to verify themselves after accusing them to be somebody else, who gives that say to say that a person is this or that and so doesnt deserve this or that, that is playing GOD and not good for a community, enyinnaya said paul called him john x on the call even when other creative moderators could not recognize him … how is there quorum to that, say one man’s opinion would be final thats dangerous my brother. And to even think of the fact that i only met paul in the online community without meeting him in person and he can determine what i look like is really unbelievable because we have only spoken on the phone.

I appeal to the concerned parties to appeal to paul to stop bringing up my name in issues and stop smearing my legacy, i have tried all reconcialtory approaches over time but nobody has stepped up to hear my side of the story or allowed me into the creatives chat to speak my piece. I am being labelled as if am the devil, just because i wa open about issues and made the scape goat… the creatives have had cases of fund mismanagements than my issue but i am still brought up as reference

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Thank you for coming to clear yourself

I was accused repeatedly to be you, there were suspicions that were raised because i helped you cowrite and engineer your EP back in the day and i admitted you were the one who recommended NEAR to the Ubuntu photography fellowship. Well we are here to build and somebody is using your reference as a bad light and to the point where i was wholly accused that I WAS YOU… (because according to them i look like you and i sound like you) brethren C’om outta this, me cut me dreads a long time ago and me still show pon video call me face and dem people keep saying i must be John X

Tagging allthe necessary oarties concerned to prove myself

@blaze @Psalmy @Dacha @Cryptonaut @Paul @kc_sollano @williamx

How come you look exactly like John X?