[Report] Capital guild july 2022 social media graphics and tech team moderation funding

Good day moderators of the MarketingDAO and everyone here in the forum and the Near Ecosystem at large.

July was an experience not only for capital guild but also for some other guilds as we saw NF take a huge step that will better operations within the Ecosystem.

Our request [APPROVED] Capital guild July 2022 social media graphics and tech team moderation Funding request was to Aid us in a lot of ways and we made sure to make it happen in our Guild.

We held our Twitter space seminar

Where talks where given, questions where asked and answers given,
We are happy to inform you all that we also onboarded new members into our guild.

We have also created advert materials for our health

Social media Artwork, Handbills and posters.

We also made advert materials for our Art NFT Exhibition for physical and Metavers Venue

We made the physical Venue exclusive as we have targeted collectors,investors and prospective partners for the exhibition, we made invitations

Our teams have been equal to the task and very productive.


Our telegram have continued to increase with members as we are implementing ways to keep them active and engaging with both community and social tasks, where we have over 76 members

And in other to motivate and appreciate our creatives we have begun projecting creative members of the week @Zeetanah @P33kay

Our Twitter handle saw a huge growth currently with 201 followers


Our discord have seen new ways of engaging community members and keeping them active, we hold community calls on discord every Sunday at 5pm WAT and we also hold a creative section every Fridays at 7pm on our discord where we now have Over 38 members

We also have a channel dedicated to members profile Discord

Our Instagram have continued to Grow and currently we have 111 followers

And we have continued to share informations and connect the web3 communities through all our social media handles

Our YouTube Have 18 subscribers and with the new ways we have used in growing Twitter, discord and Instagram we will in the coming months implement ways to also increase our subscribers especially once we upload videos from our July projects

In August so much is already happening and we will elaborate what we seek to Achieve when we make our August proposal available

Cc. Capital guild council
@Royaltyjoy @ELKHUSH

Cc. @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR


A lot has been achieved in a short while and that’s because of the support we are getting here … much love :100:

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All round growth for us as a community, thank you @marketingdao-council for your continuous support. :people_hugging:

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It was a successful completion of the Capital guild Health outreach where we had over 100 people tested for different health challenges on the 17th of August 2022

And startup medications where given

We also gave a talk on Near Ecosystem, Capital guild and the NFT space to the young people in the village.

It was also an onboarding opportunity even with the challenge of most young people not having a smart phone in the village

Cc @Dacha @Klint @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council