[Report] Caminhos Abertos - Lado B 2k77 Musical Production

Proponent: @TayOlua

This report refers to: [Proposal] Caminhos Abertos - Lado B 2k77 Musical Production

Status: ongoing

Production phase: Pre-production

Specific Objective

The proposal is to enable the production and post-production of the song Caminhos Abertos, by Tay Oluá.

[UPDATED] Road Map

Aug, 10 - 20

  • First production meeting with Levi Keniata from Nebulosa Selo
  • First production meeting with Pulpo Produtora

Aug, 21 - Sep, 10

  • Second production meeting with Levi Keniata from Nebulosa Selo
  • Second production meeting with Pulpo Produtora
  • Contact art director
  • Recording schedule

Sep, 11 - 30

  • Contact photographer
  • Team Onboarding
  • Instrumental Production
  • Executive formalization
  • Art direction meetings

Oct, 01 - 10

  • Vocal Recording
  • Start planning the distribution of the material on blockchain platforms
  • Photoshoot

Oct, 11 - 20

  • Start musical post production
  • Start graphic production

Technical sheet

  • Production Direction, Vocals and Lyrics: Tay Oluá | status: onboard
  • Musical Production: Levi Keniata | status: onboarding
  • Juridical Representation: Pulpo Produtora | status: onboard
  • Art Direction: Ione Maria | status: on standby
  • Photographer: Vine | status: on standy

[UPDATED] Budget Distribution: 500 DAI

About planning

Since I was planning how to operate as a bridge between Web2 and Web3, I realized this project needed more careful visual work and added some more activities and professionals to our roadmap and to our budget, which was no big deal since we didn’t propose our transfer to receive funds yet.

We also had to change some dates to match everyone’s schedule and rewrite our roadmap, since we understood better ways to execute some parts of the process during the pre-production meetings.


I’ve figured that working between different cultural ambients is also understanding each ambient’s timing and languages, so our first challenge was to set our schedule and we’ve been already preparing for the challenge of diving on NFT research for our musical distribution on Web3.

Also, through every new project I can make myself more present on the Web3 platforms through my art and share these autonomous exposition and distribution formats with other artists.

Next Steps:

  • Scheduling two next meetings for instrumental production
  • Formalization contract (Pulpo Produtora + Nebulosa Selo)
  • Scheduling vocal recording
  • Art direction meeting
  • Team onboarding proposal

Calling @Dazo and @joysoares for feedback

Grata por tornarem essa gravação possível, to realizando um sonho :purple_heart: