[REPORT] BeatDAO Activity Report for Nov-Dec 2021

After a succesful launch and funding campaign in the closing part of November. The BeatsDAO got off ton activity filled start with the actualization of the NEAR Mixtape and the Discord Beat Submission/ Competition

First order of business was the creation of the DAO’s social channels with reports of their activity as linked.
Discord Server

Second order of business was to kickstart musical artistes matchup and recording of the NEAR mixtape in pursuit of completion of phase 1 and phase 2 as projected by the DAO to be actulaized in December. During this process the Beats DAO logo was created

The NEAR mixtape was intended with four phases and as projected for December, The DAO was able to successfully complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 as projected in the funding proposal for December. A total of 10 tracks were recorded with 10 artworks created for this purpose, and also a main artwork for the cover of the NEAR mixtape was also created. Details of activities can be found here

The Discord beat competition also went successfully with new individuals recruited into the ecosystem. This event brought about engagement between community members and forged a bond of togetherness between these music creators. A total of 7 entries were recorded and winners announced accordingly. Details of this event can be found here

Management of the DAO included comprehensive work on the various social media channels through creating awareness for the NEAR mixtape by posts, creating teasers and engagement tweets, also encompassing the amount of prompt response from both council members @JohnX and @Paul to enquiries from community members about the NEAR mixtape and the Beat competition. Playlists were curated on the fly, a medium article was written by @Paul explaining the NEAR mixtape and graphical illustrations by @JohnX in keeping tabs with the Beat Competition and also extracting google drive files shared for collation of entries with @vandal sharing insight and counsel on projects actualization and funds supervision. For this work the DAO has agreed to the split below for DAO management

@Paul $300NEAR
@JohnX $300NEAR
@vandal $100NEAR

I and Paul had to be short $50 each from the projected DAO management fund (council and socials) due to $NEAR flunctuation, we leveraged quite from the pump that occured towards the end of the month though

The DAO is planning on merging some activities with new ones in the New Year, In the meanwhile, see y’all by then

Happy Festive


I’ll go with $250 to me, as we need some funds to run the AstroDAO.

Sending 2.5 NEAR from my side as we didnt see this coming

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Hey all.
It would be better if all activities (like the medium article) were linked here, otherwise it’s really difficult for council members to follow everything. Thanks!

(also linking here guidelines, which are also helpful when writing reports)


(bullet points, links, etc)