[REPORT] August Activity Recap - Near x Art Dao

DAO : Near x Art
Astro dao :
Near x art on chain

Current balance: $955.54 (as at 14th of septemper 1pm gmt)

abdulkareem.near: 141 votes
bimpe.near: 38
lekkyberry.near : 90

Squads (on chain members):
Cedieee.near: 4 votes
trusthengine: 3 votes
fifebanks.near: 3 votes
oladokun.near: 3 votes
seck.near: 3 votes
faithnime: 2 votes
pootlongto11.near: 2 votes
others: 1 to 0 votes.

The near x art did not get funding for august but we were still highly dedicated in bringing the best to the ecosystem. Below were the activities that went down in the month of august

1. Ghetto photography:
It was an amazing journey and experience for the contestant. Winners of this bounty were selected based on highest NFT sale and votes from the on chain members of near x art.

Yardstick of success:

  • Near x art on chain members were able to exercise their franchise and explore astrodao by voting for the winners

  • First ghetto photography NFT sales of 6N

  • About 25 entries and 14 NFT in the ghetto photography store

  • This contest onboarded about 5 - 7 new members from the web 2 space

  • Education: Short tutorial videos were made to teach newbies how to create a poll, how to mint an NFT on mintbase, etc.

  • This easy nature of this bounty helped saw newbies show happy interest the nft space.

  • Proceed from the sales of the ghetto photography NFT will be donated to the area of the creator of the NFT through the creator.

Spoken word bounty:
This initiative was for the sole purpose of onboarding spoken word artist to the near ecosystem. So far, we have over 8 entries and 8 spoken word nft minted in the spoken word store

Talk and Win Show:
Project manager: @Bissaka

The talk and win show was introduced to educate the newly onboarded creatives of the Near x art on Near, its attributes and how to explore its Dapps. The show has a weekly estimate of 60 - 65 newbies attendees.

  • The first one on Telegram. Link here - The topic was Introduction To Near Protocol
  • The second episode was on Twitter space: We introduced them to Near NFT market place, how it started and how they can mint
  • The third episode was on Twitter - We discussed about how we can impact the creatives in the near ecosystem, we introduced Near x Art Dao mandate to newbies, different people shared ideas of how we can grow the community. Listen to recorded version here

Link here

https://twitter.com/nearxart/status/1562832280787099653?s=21&t=Eyjf5ClxTECB3R33fcdkTw - AUG 25



In as much as the goal for this show was to engage with community members, newbies were trooping in and about 20 newbies were onboarded.

List of some wallet address created from the show:
7. jagunlion.near
8. Jejeoluwatobi.near
9. Adedolapo.near
10. denysdavies.near
11. iam_mda.near
12. themichaeldavid.near
13. Tehilanear.near

This initiative is to support our loved ones via the proceeds from the sales of NFT. We made our first sales of $20 from pet and wildlife nfts. Based on the objective of this initiative, we make a donation to dogman word; a pet and wildlife rescue organization in Lagos. Nigeria.

@Adeclassic a member of the near x art dao represented in donating the funds.


Donation: Video on instagram


  • The co-founder of Near, Illia Polosukhin acknowledged near x art’s physical NFT of art on twitter.

  • We made our first sales from Near x art store

  • First NFT sales from the Ghetto photography store

  • Collaboration with Near star guild to advertise Near x Art activities with star youtubers in the crpto space

  • Collaborated with Young fresh dao in the rhyme circle event

  • Onboarded over 13 newbies from the talk and win show

  • Fostering on chain activities of near x art members with the voting on ghetto photography bounty.

Future Project to look out for

  • Contemporary dance class
  • Paint and chill with near - a creative seminar that will onboard creatives to the ecosystem.
  • Near x art legal wrapper
  • Utility NFT
  • Pet and wildlife 3.0
  • Ghetto photography 2.0

@creativesdao-council :sunglasses:


kudos to the near x art community. you guys are doing an amazing job


Yeah! Thank you Near x art for giving me the opportunity to host the talk and win show. It was an awesome experience

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