[Report] Arroz Criativo Social Media, PR and MKT | May - June 22

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Hello, Marketing Community!

I start by apologizing for the delay in submitting this report. As the beginning of July brought new press opportunities, especially with the launch of the RAIZ Vertical*, our goal was to present an even more consolidated update. Please, see below the report for the proposed actions.

  • Promote NEAR HUB in the traditional media (newspapers, radio and TV)
    Press agent: raquellima.near

Since the NEAR Hub launch, on May 25ht, we’ve been working on the strategy of advertising our engagement with NEAR. A press release was created to promote the NEAR Hub. Written in Portuguese, this PR was sent to Lisbon’s largest daily newspapers, such as Observador, Público and Expresso; to some economic newspapers, such as Eco and Jornal de Negócios; to the news agency Lusa; to websites, such as CNN Portugal, Time Out Lisboa, Mensagem de Lisboa, NiT, Notícias ao Minuto; to magazines such as GQ and Gerador; to radio stations, such as TSF and Rádio RTP, plus online cultural agendas. In addition to the mailing, contacts were made by phone and/or message to the main press vehicles, for days, after the NEAR Hub launch.

Press_Release_NEAR_Hub.pdf (206.1 KB)

In June, the press release was updated focusing on Pride Week, its actions inside the NEAR Hub, and the opening of the new gallery Zorra, with an exhibition resulting from the Planting A.I.R., art-residency program powered by NEAR.

ENG_Press_PT_2.pdf (231.9 KB)

In the final week of June, also keeping an eye on the events at the beginning of July, the strategy was to give a more general bias to the release, trying to attract some of the attention aroused by The Black Cat Cinema sold out sessions and RAIZ Vertical Farm launch.

ENG_Press_PT_3.pdf (224.1 KB)

In the follow up process, according to the journalist’s interest, we sent specific information, which resulted in some news published in Agenda Cultural de Lisboa, Time Out (about The Black Cat Cinema) and Notícias Ao Minuto.

DJ Neana toca hoje no Arroz Estúdios para celebrar a Pride Week

Os melhores ciclos de cinema ao ar livre em Lisboa

Agenda Cultural de Lisboa

*Startup transforma contentor abandonado em Lisboa numa horta vertical para 9600 plantas

Just as important as the published articles are the contacts we have made, explaining the connection between Arroz Estúdios, NEAR Protocol, and the creative industry, to specialized journalists from the technology, economic, and cultural sectors.

  • Creating wallets for journalists/bloggers/digital influencers
    Amount funded: 75$ (20.55N)
    Balance: 20.55N
    Wallet: arroznearhub.near

We are still working on scheduling interviews with four journalists – linked to major national media outlets: Lusa (the interview was scheduled for the first week of July, but was canceled and the reporter is trying to schedule a new date with her editor); Eco (the reporter will be on vacation until the second week of July, when he’ll schedule his visit); Mensagem de Lisboa (this is an awarded website that is very open to startups and we established a dialogue with one of its most respected reporters), and GQ Portugal (we established a dialogue with one of the editors).

An Italian blogger living in Lisbon will talk to both our Web3 Lead and Project Manager on July 19th. An european freelance journalist, who collaborates with National Geographic, CNN Travel, and Emirates Magazine, is also scheduling a visit to Arroz in July. As we work on these visits, the requested funding of 75$ (20.55 NEAR) was transferred to arroznearhub.near and this report will be updated as soon as we progress.

  • Arroz Estúdios on Instagram
    Instagram action manager: eviltwinsister.near

Arroz Estúdios Instagram has now 15,7 thousand followers and, as proposed, a weekly post attested our engagement with NEAR Protocol. Please, see the posts below.

  • Instagram Ads
    Amount funded: 100$
    Amount used: 70$
    Wallet: arrozestudios.near

Regarding the proposed Instagram ads, due to technical problems with our Facebook Ad Center account it was published on July 5th (7days/10€ per day). The remaining funds will be used to promote the August Shillin ‘n’ Chillin events (receipts and reports will be added here).

The statistics regarding this ad are:

  • Arroz Estúdios on Twitter
    Twitter action manager: raquellima.near

Arroz Estúdios’ Twitter account has grown by 116 followers in recent weeks. As proposed, we’ve created daily posts, retweets and interactions regarding our engagement with NEAR and our weekly program.

In May, our Top Tweet was about the NEAR Hub launch. In June, it was about the Shillin’ n’ Chillin in the NEAR Hub. Please, see the metrics below.

Arroz Guild is also promoting its engagement with NEAR Protocol on Telegram!

Our Shillin ‘n’ Chillin sessions are also being promoted on a Meet-up Group, called Lisbon Crypto Meetup, which has currently 1.059 members.

Thank you for this enlightening opportunity to understand a bit more about how Lisbon press and the greater Arroz Estudios community reacts to our activities as a DAO.

Be happy!

Arroz Team


Hello, @marketingdao-council, I am updating the report with some metrics from the Instagram ad. Thank you.


Olá, @marketingdao-council. Hope you are well. I am adding to this report an article about Arroz x NEAR Protocol, published in a Portuguese magazine that is highly respected for the thoroughness of its cultural and comportamental reporting and the defense of the slow journalism, called Revista Gerador. It is written in European Portuguese:

Another update is that we welcomed Italian blogger Giulia Morroni, who has recorded a series of short videos for social media and is writing an article about Arroz’s engajment with crypto-art through NEAR Protocol. We created wallets and transferred 12N to her and her team, from the MKT DAO fund. Giulia intends to be back in Italy on September, when she’ll be publishing her articles. As soon as I get the link I’ll drop it here. Thank you for the support. :sunflower:

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