[REPORT] APRIL monthly report - CUDO DAO

Project Name: CUDO DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project Accounting: 67N account balance

DAO cudo.sputnik-dao.near

**Retrato Falado Subtitles 2,5N e translation 3,1N

**Pending reward payments at Algo me says 6,3N writer and 3,1N for translation (The writer will ask for payment in the next few days)

** Interpret bounty PT-EN: 12,6N waiting necessity

**Transcription and translation CUBASHOTS April: 5N

Updated Project Timeline:
Postal - Projeto Fotográfico Urbano

  • As we talked about in last Report, this edition of the Postcard had some changes, we changed the theme to “Manifestation of Peace”, we opened the reward for participation to any photographer. After the call, 11 photographers sent us their photos, and with the help of our jury we selected the 30 winning photos. They are announced here.

Vértebra - Projeto Ilustração

  • This month the Vertebra project is back to the original version, we have selected three artists, each will send us 10 arts that will feed our Instagram page and our Mintbase starting May 1st.
  • The artists will be: @erikbatista, @tamiresesteves and @dio.
  • The Vertebra’s Instagram page is already being followed by more than 442 followers.
  • We are now also present in Twitter, with more than 290 followers.

Algo me diz

  • All new movies from Algo me Diz are now available in our Mintbase and on our new YouTube Channel.
  • In March, we opened a bounty and invited a new writer @Marinaesia to create 4 new scripts that will be portrayed with our images in 4 new videos in 4 new locations,we will show you a little more of Lisbon and other neighboring cities.
  • The first video of the new season will be posted on May 5, and the others will be posted on Thursday (12, 19 and 26). On the same day, the NFT version will be made available on our Mintbase
  • On our Instagram page the Algo me Diz videos already have over 14.500 views.

História de Bagagem

  • During the month of April we posted 4 new stories on our Youtube channel and Instagram page, we did the interviews with Hérika, Sâmia, Ashley, Genesis and Yago. The episodes are posted every Monday.

Thanks to this project 2 new wallets was oppened: genefgroa.near and ashleydittrich.near.

Retrato Falado

  • During the month of April we are publishing the 4 new interviews given for Retrato Falado, with a dancer, a wrestler, a lawyer and a politician. The videos are available on our Youtube channel and our Instagram page and are posted every Wednesday.
  • We are already recording the next episodes and they will be released soon.
  • From these interviews the 5 most impactful photos were transformed into NFT and will be available for sale in our mintbase.


  • The first episode of Cuba Photographs a project in partnership with Dao Incubator was a success and is now available on our social networks, both on Instagram and YouTube. At the end of March we recorded another two episodes that will be available soon on our social networks, in early April we will record the third episode that will also be available soon.
  • In collaboration with MUTI, we created a new project of video sessions. We already have three episodes up, they are available on the Muti Colletive channel and on our Instagram page. New episodes are being recorded in April and will be released soon.
  • Cudo Dao has been trying more and more to consolidate partnerships with other Daos and this time we closed a project with Demonstra Dao, where our board members Heverton Harieno and Lucas Terra will work together with them. We will talk more about this project in the next Report.
  • The script for our first webseries is being developed thanks to the funds by Writers Guild and our own funds., The firsts materials already are available on this report. On April we’ll ask for some funds to finish the first draft of this script. The webseries will be directed by our council Heverton Harieno and written by frnvpr.


  • We’ll improve our strategy to record the audios of our videos to get more quality in the final result.
  • Open projects to more candidates give more engagement and build more expectative on the community.
  • Diversificate the way we do our projects is a good way to keep our community being part.
  • Add a person focusing with commercial stuffs is a good way to expand our projects to real world.

Next steps:

  • Keep shooting the new and old projects.
  • Consolidate the new projects with another DAOS.
  • Keep increasing our subscribers on our social media.
  • Improve our connections outside the NEAR Ecosystem to create a solid link between the DAO and the outside word.

We hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been working on and what we still intend to do. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you!

Everyone is welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

Twitter: (@cudo_dao)


Thank you @talitafflima for the cool report

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Hey @talitafflima Pls add Metrics achieved from previous month


Hi @Monish016 thanks for the comment, the metrics were put in our July Proposal, follow the link below:

If you need any more information I am here, thank you :slight_smile:

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