[REPORT] April & May - Gruta DAO

Hi from Gruta!

Here is our small report for both April and May, a bit delayed, but since our only proposal for the month of April was a event that was done on the last day of April and we didn’t had the possibility with the developments of Gruta as a project to present a proposal for May.

Here follows the proposals:

AstroDAO Payment - Atropa Beladona Event - 229stNEAR
More informations about everything inside the proposal.

Metrics on the month of April and May:

  • Wallets Created in One event → 7
  • Digital Arts onboared that created 3NFTs → 3
  • NFT Created and exhibited-> 3
  • 3XR Virtual Gallery → 1
  • Organizations interested in creating DAOs → 2 Portuguese Associations
  • Social Media Statistics:
    • Facebook 1,924 Likes
    • Instagram 978
    • Youtube 64.3K views and 563 subcriptions.

We don’t have anymore metrics, specificly for May, because we didn’t ask for funding for May since our project was having a restructure and we tought it would be better to organize then rush stuff.

We still have left 73 NEAR ~373$ in the Astro DAO treasury, that we are saving for us to create legal wrapper in Portugal, since we are creating a Cooperative in Portugal has a DAO to experiment decentralized governance.

Any doubts please do ask!