[REPORT] Animated Audio NFT Video shoot September 2022

Hello @creativesdao-council and greetings to the Councils of @NxM

I remain my humble self Samson chukwu @Sammiee
May I thank the moderators and councils for the support shown towards us all and your support at every given opportunity.
My September project creating an Animated Video for one of the tracks from my EP “CAPTURED”
Have been completed and doing this project is been a new experience for me again and the team @TimwizzyArdon @Saintvic who put in work to see this project true, we are very grateful to the Ecosystem and the community at large for the show of support towards this initiative.
Below are The minted Avatars from the Video which when collected will unlock the main Video it self which will be sent to the collectors of the avatars, a snippet of the Animated video will be uploaded to the NXM YouTube channel and our many socials while the full Video will be available to collectors who collect the Avatars.

This project will be a long term project as we are already looking to create this Avatars and have them evolve in the metavers so the collectors who own this NFT will also be able to own and use them digitally




May I use this opportunity to invite everyone here present to show support and love for this project by collecting and interacting with this creations.
Click on the links and grab one for your self and also send to your friends, the Video is fully ready and have been submitted to the NXM council at the time of filing this report.

Thanks so much to you all for this growth and the opportunity to open our minds to things we only kept in our thoughts.
@Paul you have been awesome and I am super grateful to you.
@bonepolice thanks bro
And to the the awesome NXM councils
I am humbled and full of thanks for all you do.

Requesting: 50% balance $250 in USDC
Target: sammiee1.near