[REPORT] A&R | DAOrecords | April 2022 ]

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: A&R

Previous Report : [REPORT] A&R| DAOrecords | March 2022
Previous Proposal: [PROPOSAL]( A&R| DAOrecords | April 2022)

DAOrecords Marketing Team

Vandal - Operations [Founder] @vandal

Masia One - Lead A&R @masiaone

Pawel Crans 1 - Project Manager @Paul

Elena Marakova - Product Designer @lelen.maramar

Derrick Ong - Marketing @_Tech1

Sleezy Moss - Community Profile - Sleezy_Moss - NEAR Forum

Accomplished Objectives:

  • Secured all artists for 12 week release of Soundsplash and collecting their assets for minting in DAOrecords GDrive.

  • On boarding new artists web3 space including briefing artists on basic practices, assistance in opening NEAR wallets and adding them to relevant DAO community groups on telegram and discord.

  • Consistent followups until all items and promotional content are collected for the team at DAOrecords.

  • Creative advisor for artist in 1-on-1 sessions about their projects and ways in which they can maximize their launch with SoundSplash.

  • Communication and liason between landing page designer (Lena) and artist to customize each page to the project launch.

  • Graphic design support with Tech1. Created poster template for May 4 launch, and poster template for Monthly artist launch.

May 2022 is the month where DAOrecords launches alpha product - FonoRoot, and kicks off with SoundSplash event series, therefore the team has a lot of work in order to prepare everything for a smoothly launch. I am enthusiastic for artists that were on boarded in April to now experience the first rounds of launches througout May, and allow future artists to see these events as a template to on-board more creators and facilitate their own launches independently.

NEAR wallet name: masiaone.near
Hours contributed: 60
Total requested funds: $2000


Thanks for putting the draft together Masia. Looking fwd to the complete report when you get some breathing room!!!

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Completed. Please let me know if there are any items I should add or edit.

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