[Rejected] NEAR Asia Community Social Media Marketing Funding

Hello everyone,

Hope you’ll are doing well.

Funding Scheme :

About me:
I am a 3d Modeling artist with 3 years of prior experience, a Social media marketer, a Content creator.

Initiative Summary :
Although there are already many NEAR pages present on Social media. There are still a lot of people who don’t know about NEAR. In fact there are some people also who know about NEAR Protocol coin but they don’t know about NEAR community . I didn’t find NEAR on Social media, although I was into crypto for the past 6 months. I want people to start their blockchain/crypto journey from NEAR. I would like to introduce you to my idea to promote NEAR so that people can easily understand about NEAR community and get engaged in it.

My plan to promote Near:

  • First we will create an Instagram, Telegram and Discord account named NEARASIA.

  • Our target will be the audience who still don’t know much about blockchain/crypto.

  • It is bitter truth that some Instagram pages of NEAR community are inactive. I have seen a NEAR account with last post uploaded on 31 dec 2021. So the account e are creating will be more active.

  • We will set audience goals for every mon

  • Upload very simple and easy-to-understand content.

    Instagram account planning-

  • Upload 10-12 post every week.

  • Caption will explain everything about the post.

  • Upload 2 stories everyday.

  • Organize QUIZ once a week.

Telegram account planning-

  • Upload near protocol price everyday.
  • Reply to every member and clear their doubts.
  • Upload atleast 1 Near news everyday.

First-month Target
Instagram 0 to 100-150 followers
Telegram 0 to 20-30 members
Discord 0 to 20-30 members

I would like @marketingdao-council to take a look at this project. I believe that this project will catch a lot of attention from the audience and will make NEAR easy to understand for upcoming new members.
Looking forward to starting the project after getting approval. :hugs:
Thank you


Try awesomeasia.near :grinning:

  • Quiz - 100$ , what kind of quiz ?
  • Could you please introduce your team?

on English language ?



Currently, received a proposal from @johanga and their team who will be handling
the Social media accounts.
There are 2 more members besides them who will create content for the accounts. They’ll be joining NEAR community as soon as the project starts.

Looking forward for the approval to start the activity on this project. :hugs:

As most of the people understand this language.
Rest looking for your opinion. :smiley:

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You mean near protocol social media accounts?

Even in general, I have seen NEAR in a quite good way on Social media in last months. Even coin bureau made a special video for it.


The idea looks quite similar to this already running campaign >> [Proposal][March][Report] Instagram Community Accounts


That doesn’t mean that we cannot create another community.
And I have a different perspective and strategies for the marketing of NEAR that will surely take it to the heights of success.

The more communities, the more growth will be. :hugs:
Hope I’ll get a chance to prove my Idea.


If this is for your location, then its cool.

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As this project is for the Asian community. I believe that this project is going to grow much faster and will catch a lot of attention from the audience and will surely bring new members to NEAR community.

Excited to start the activity and implement my strategies on this project after the approval. :hugs:

Thanks For Proposal ,

For Social Media like Instagram we alredy have 5 accounts that promote near protocol ecosystem

Near Asia , Running Giveaway and Drops attract the audience , I thing You should Start with Building organic community growth , you can get help from Near telegram. Near Samurai Program


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Hello, @Albhion
Glad to see your reply.

All the accounts are set up in different fields and different concepts.

Suppose there were 4 Instagram accounts on social media. Do you think we don’t need the 5th one? :sweat_smile:

I want to build this community with multiple sources and one of the major source is INSTAGRAM.

Because from Instagram only we’ll get those audience who are still unfamiliar with NEAR.
And my perspective is to upload the content which will be very easy to understand and make the audience join NEAR.

Although Thanks for your concern. :smiley:

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Looking forward to see your approach and help the ecosystem :heart::hugs:

Since your account is quite new here on the forum, have you done any other contribution or activities in the NEAR ecosystem?

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@Adrenaline81 I suggest you update your proposal with a named wallet.

Perhaps they could introduce themselves on the forum


Welcome to the NEAR Community, thanks for your proposal and enthusiasm!

As a new member of the community and entirely new project, it would be more appropriate for you and your prospective team to start organically and demonstrate your commitment to NEAR ecosystem and the quality and style of your content. There will always be funding available to enable and empower active and engaged community members creating value.

I also note that you are planning on delegating work to an existing community member who is already involved with several projects and receiving funding from various sources. In the future please disclose any involvement and previous sources of funding.

I’m going to pass on the current proposal and invite you to apply again in a months time when there is a more established track record of performance.


@Adrenaline81 I am Happy to Help you with Community Perspective Also You can take Help from Near Samurai Program which is Total Zero Funding People are Getting Knowledge and Start Building their profile and career for Next-Gen Audience in Near

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Be honestly, we have tons of English-speaking groups and communities. Would be great to have multilingual diversity in Near community.


A few things that would make your proposals stronger in the future:

  • If you’re new to the community and people don’t yet know your work, include links to work samples, social media accounts or other examples to demonstrate your approach, style and abilities.
  • Talk to some community members and get involved in some groups to get feedback on a gap in content many people are seeing and want filled. Like @Dacha said, there are a bunch of English social accounts catering to communities in Asia diaspora and Southeast Asia. One thing we have noticed is a trend toward wanting translation of content so NEAR can reach more and varied communities.
  • Check out past approved proposals on the forum if you haven’t for examples of metrics and how proposals often show budgets.

For now this is a no from me, but I do welcome you to continue participating in the community and come back in the future once you have had a little more time to develop a differentiated proposal.


Agreed - Great questions