[Rejected] Metaverse DAO - Marketing - April 2022

Dear @marketingdao-council, The Creatives already decided. They asked me to step out of the council on Formal Complaint 00, and I already made the proposal here: Astro. I hope this can make the evaluation process better.


And I’m here to answer any new question that may still exist.
Feel free to ask anything <3


Please also include a list of all the projects the the Current Council and/or team members are involved with. @beetlejuice


Hello Satojandro, how are you?

I don’t really get it your question, sorry. The projects at Metaverse DAO or personal projects at NEAR?
Maybe, if we get the objective of your concerns we can help you more to solve them :blush:

Sorry for the delay in the answer, but I had personal issues to solve.


He’s asking if you can list all of the proposals you and your council members have worked on and any that have been submitted under each of the council members?

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Hi Klint, GM.

I will set my works for april (just this month, right, not before?)

I will tag the others council members of Metaverse DAO so they can answer by themselves.

But I’m not understanding why this are being discuss here in Marketing proposal given that its Metaverse DAO related and not exactly about the marketing team and proposal. I’m a little bit confuse, can you help me understand?

I’m here and here in the council member (Spiritual DAO and Metaverse DAO)

I’m here in the diagramming proposal of Near Metaverse Magazine (1 did the 4 previously numbers)

And I’m here in the Philosophers DAO, but the DAO don’t have activities yet. (this DAO will be dormant for now)

@klarakopi and @becopro can you give them your activies in NEAR?


Hi everyone!
I’m @klarakopi council of the Metaverse DAO. Besides being a council I have a project called Meta interviews with Klara Kopi that started last month.
My best wishes to all!


Hi @satojandro, how are you? I’m @becopro, also a council of Metaverse DAO. My project is Metaverse Recordings and NFTs, it started in January (the link is the last month report).

Peace, light, health and sucess!


I forgot to mention that I’m also building a 3D space for the Metaverse DAO with the main building being a version of the NEAR Metaverse Connection Center that’s on cryptovoxels in the middle of the space to insert links to the metaverse spaces of other DAOs, have events, offer the space for other DAOs to host events, space for exhibitions, shows, classes and other cool features and ideas being developed to reward METACOIN holders.

It’s a gift (for free, no funding) I’m creating it out of love because I believe in the whole project and I think it will be great for the whole NEAR ecossystem :slight_smile:


Cool , did you use Unity app for creating the 3D space ? Thanks


Klara is using Mozilla Hub


Thank you! Yes, I’m creating it using Mozilla hub for now, this is just a draft, I’ll improve and change things to look better yet


@beetlejuice I’m hoping I can help clarify the request to share other projects and funding on the forum. It’s really about transparency.

We are making this request a standard one for proposals. Before funding a project, we want to know what other funding a project has received from other DAOs and sources in the ecosystem and also what funding people on the project teams are receiving from other DAOs and sources.

Understanding this is important for us to responsibly distribute funds, help projects strengthen their marketing activities over time and help our council and the wider community have insight into the networked communities growing here.

What we are looking for is:

  • Links to other current funding requests for the Metaverse DAO
  • Recently funded proposals for the Metaverse DAO
  • Sharing the other community funding your team members are currently receiving from other projects

Hellow so608, GM.

I got it, it’s to not overlap any resources. So, i will send you the again the metaverse link of our april propose. In the proposal we have all the projects of Metaverse dao.

Metaverse DAO april proposal for creative

Beside this proposal we didn’t asked anything else in Metaverse DAO’s name.

The lest proposal (march) and the report of it its here:

Metaverse DAO march proposal
Metaverse DAO march report

When you say team members are you talking about the Marketing team of Metaverse DAO or the Metaverse DAO team itself?

Hope i understand what links you ware asking, i’m not shure, cause i already share those links here, so, maybe I dont get it yet :pensive:


Hello everyone!

There is anything else we can do to continue our process to approval?
Metaverse DAO proposal for april was approved so we want to star our mkt work :blush:

Good Easter <3


Hello @satojandro @so608 @Dacha

There is anything else we can do for approval?

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We at Demonstra DAO #demonstra-dao are in the same situation. They #marketing asked us the same question, we replied with all the information that was possible and for two weeks we have no answers. And now I’m realizing this is happening to other DAOs as well. Let’s wait. :confused:


The Marketing DAO has a responsibility to the community to ensure that funds are disbursed in an open an transparent manner, to give the best marketing outcomes for projects be built on NEAR.

We are asking all proposals to provide details of any funding from other sources ie @creativesdao-council to ensure that we achieve these goals.

Please await review and comments from @marketingdao-council


Hi @beetlejuice,

Unfortunately, I am not able to support this proposal at this time.

There are several issues, common thread being around trust:

  • There is an important shift in funding, now we are a lot more mindful of other sources of funding from the same work. Unfortunately, there are groups of people who have double and triple dipped through several projects, over the same time period, and from ‘isolated’ funding sources;
  • I am not claiming there is any specific wrong doing with this DAO, mostly because the team has been reluctant to openly share information about other sources of funding and involvement;
  • I do note that the project has also received funding from Creatives; keen to see a report from the current months work and progress
  • I would suggest going forward to be super clear and upfront with involvement with other DAOs, specially if the involvement in various initiatives create a nice synergy.