ReFi on NEAR

thanks @David_NEAR, and congrats on crushing it at NEARCON, not even the rain stopped us. I contacted Rim before and recently, but I don’t think 1 person can handle the entire ReFi Ecosystem on 1 chain, and she is with Proximity and I am with Bancambios.

That is why I have gathered 300 ReFi projects/people on the way to build projects on ReFi, and I want to invite them to build on NEAR.

Yes, I’m submitting my proposal for ReFi on NEAR on the link you provided.

Let’s do it!



Hello :wave: there @osc.near nice to meet you.
Going through your post, I’ve learnt a lot and also would like to support and be part of this great accomplishment of REFI and I saw a call for “refidegen” I’m as am a degen for OFP and would like to participate on this big dream of yours of making refi stand out like other categories like DeFI, NFT and GAMEFI.
Studied alot about forest, carbon footprint, carbon credits, greenhouse gases and alot about data records and MRV(measuring, report and verification)


thanks @Psalmy indeed ReFi is a whole new spectrum of specialization (plastic credits, ESG certificates, validation and counterfeits, tokenization of emissions, you name it. And I care and worry other chains are gaining terrain on this topic faster. Thanks for your message I will create a group on “ReGens” on NEAR and add you.


@Psalmy and not only Carbon Credits or Carbon-oriented products that’s one branch of the GreenFi space. But applying tools and systems into positive Environmental Impact through Web3. That’s something we have been stressing for the last 4 years and before than for 12 years outside the Web3 space.

Also the tokenization of “green” business models, as the Carbon Credit sector is a “patch” only, but not truly tackling the main problem.


Thanks for this information, we learn everyday
Hope to join the regen soon.
Thanks for your reply mate


Please Like Support this initiative : )

:seedling: ReFi, DeSci & ReSci on NEAR - NEAR Forum

@David_NEAR @shiftshapr @Psalmy @emiliano.raiz @openforestph


Did you apply for a grant?


hi, yes.

we are submitting this proposal right now ser, and we had a chat with Laurence about it : )

:seedling: ReFi, DeSci & ReSci on NEAR - NEAR Forum


Hi @David_NEAR we just submitted ReFi on NEAR, including a presentation and call to action.

Thank you very much.


Hello @osc.near , happy to see this initiative, I’m working on a ReFi project in Mexico (Perennis Network) and will be great if we can made some collaboration; I’ll send you a PM to talk about it! :smiley:


hi @Do0k13

Thanks very cool, absolutely let’s do a call. That’s the idea to start onboarding new ReFi projects into NEAR Protocol.

I’m sending you an DM with the calendly link to hop on a call

:earth_americas: :white_check_mark:


@David_NEAR yes we did we submitted, as I am part of ReFiDAO for Mexico and Portugal, and helping growing the ReFi Community globally. Actually we got accepted on the ReFiDAO Founders Circle Cohort 2, on the GT16, we submitted the Bancambios Carbon & Plastic Credit Marketplace and we got accepted. It is the only project building on NEAR Protocol from the 80 Founders/Projects. However we still have not found any support to make our MVP and delivery during this Cohort 2.

We are documenting the process here:

:seedling: ReFi, DeSci & ReSci on NEAR - NEAR Forum

Let us know your thoughts : ) thanks.

We will keep trying to build and grow not only ReFi projects on NEAR but also a ReFi on NEAR Ecosystem.


Don’t really know if @David_NEAR is on duty.
Wish I could help, but the CEO of NF marieke is hosting an AMA and this might be a good means to introduce your project to the NF.
Since there’s no funding nodes for REFI project, hoping to see the new funding nodes for #Refi
Thanks :pray:
You can join the meeting here, hope to see you there AMA with NF


hey! @Psalmy, thanks for the comment.

Indeed DAOvid may not be on duty.

Yes, I set reminder on the AMA with NF, and will mention ReFi initiative.

Thank you.


What was the result of the grant application?


Yes they replied, and we are on talks… It seems they are doing they own ReFi agenda as well.

A dedicated ReFi Team is needed my proposal is soilid and I’m connected to 400 ReFi people, teams and projects. And every time more active in that space.



quick update @David_NEAR

So NF came back to reject our proposal of building and growing #ReFi on NEAR. With the reply that the grant was > the amount asked is too high for the expected benefit + it was just an idea and not a formulation of a product & they critize us that we want to do too many projects on NEAR (DeFi, ReFi (credits) and now this). So we will keep working on our own project and we will not do this proposal > :seedling: ReFi, DeSci & ReSci on NEAR - NEAR Forum

Which it is okay, as we are going to build our own #ReFi Ecosystem. We spoke with David G from NF, and it seems NF is having a #ReFi project on their own, they asked lots of question and request to send us this send us that, but they don’t shared or gave us details of their plans of ReFi on NEAR. Which we spent time doing this proposal and we are part of the Ecosystem, we feel excluded. Specially we felt more like a source of research than teamwork collaborative way. Of course they can tell we have lots of information they don’t have and they are researching. But instead of working together and aggregate and the info to one cause (#ReFi on NEAR) they try to ask and get all the info we have, without including us on their plans. Again this is just the perception we got.

As well we did a call with Balkans and same story, they asked LOTS or questions regarding our proposal, more in an investigative way than a let’s-work-together way. Asking to give them all info we have to build ReFi on NEAR. But without including us on the agenda or plans. Which it is okay. We will focus on our project and we do not need to be the ones in charge of #ReFi for NEAR, we were pointing a new division we have been working for long time and NEAR is lacking traction on it, we will grow #ReFi for our own project.

So much time and effort invested on this. Now we turn the page and focus on our projects only.

Thanks for the interest and support.


Following up on this thread

We submitted the proposal to build ReFi Starter - Launchpad on NEAR Protocol

In our constant effort to build dApps of global user on top of NP.

After the discouraging and non-constructive answer from David Garcia, we keep thriving.

With or without the support of NF, we will build ReFi Starter with ReFiDAO and other ReFi community we have been communicating for several months. If NF and NP support we make it exclusive on NP.

ReFi starter is already onboarding projects related to ReFi, DeSci, ReSci, DeSoc, ReSoc, and environmental initiative in the need of fundraising. As it is urgent to tackle the daily-growing pollution and all other urgent problems the Planet is suffering.


We have a team of scientists and tech team ready to crunch the Launchpad and start onboarding projects.


Quick follow up on this

We start managing the ReFi DAO Mexico City chapter, you guys would not believe the quality of the 10 projects we have in hand. As well we have access to about 50 more projects around LatAm. It turned that LatAm is not like USA where toxic capitalism rules and many people got affected.

LatAm has more consciousness in their blood and we all want to bring true real impact through Web3.

As ReFi Mexico is chain agnostic, we can onboard and empower Teams deciding to build their project on NEAR Protocol.

Other L1’s are taking advantage and forming incubators, accelerators and grant programs specially to ReFi Teams.

Kind of Sad to see NEAR with only OPF which runs a private and not very inclusive agenda, RAIZ is cool but in comparison with other L1’s on Beta gathering already like really good projects like really really good projects, NP has BOS, a chain in alpha and a vibrant community.

Please let make it happen.

Give us a follow >



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