🌱 ReFi, DeSci & ReSci on NEAR

Hello dear NEAR Community.

We are issuing this proposal to enable the grow of ReFi, DeSci and ReSci on NEAR Protocol.

Bancambios has been stressing the importance of building new automated financial models merging transactions or economic activity to biodiversity protection through Web3 for several years from now. Bancambios Founder outside Web3 has been part or companies and movements for true sustainability for more than 12 years.

September 8, 2020

May 24, 2022

October 26, 2021 (NEARCON21) - #DeFi4Good

March, 2022 - Davos WEF 2022 -

Because of this we have created the Twitter account https://twitter.com/refinear and registered refinear.org and nearrefi.org for the Community to chose what name to go with.

We think we need to move fast and set up and “army” of “ReGens” around the world to join and build products and projects around these subjects.

We are part of different ReFi, DeSci, ReSci communities from around the world, and in contact with more than 1,000 people involved with ReFi.

As well supporting the initiative of the ReFiCon.org an event specializing on Web3 for Good.

We have been researching more than 350 projects joining the ReFi journey.
Connecting with off-web3 Sustainable professionals to connect to Web3 projects.

We would like to set up a Team and issue a campaign or maybe even a ReFi Grant program together with NF and other ReFi peeps inside NEAR Protocol to grow/invite projects and people to join NEAR, but also give them all them tools to scale their project.

Including weekly ReFi online meetups, Decentralized ReFi “in-person” meetups, Launchpad, decentralized plastic cleanups, and collaborate with Environmentalists all around the world to be connected to NEAR and ReFi on NEAR.

We have more than 200 initiatives outside Web3 to connect with, for example reforestation caused by wild fires, plastic from the ocean, protection of species in extinction, social impact, gender equality, clean water, save the children, save the turles, save the elephants, you name it. Plus other legit ESG initiatives.

As you may know the United Nations have years “stressing” Sustainability for years, event World Economic Forum is adding emphasis on the topic for years, but without any tangible results. Nowadays we do not depend on centralized authorities to deliver results. The ESG initiatives by United Nations is old and they do not have an official list of ESG initiatives or associations to support. NEAR and Web3 enables permission-less impact. This is the time to make this happen, and show the power of the people. Govern our own efforts.

This initiative is not only including the “average Joe” aka “retail” but the Enterprises, SMB, and Corporate Social Responsibility. We need to grow this “Trend” to actually deliver tangible results and make a new global standard, create a true Circular Economy, Green Business Models.

On Bancambios we are always including an “eco” factor on the development of our products. We build an Eco-Swap, and preparing more products that contain “impact-tools” of course all of them open source for all projects to implement fast and easy.

We would love to gather a Team to keep a track on this.

We are supporting the ReFiCon.org, ReFi Meetups, ReFi Spring, ReFiDAO, ReFi Communities, ReFi Launchpad, impactwaller.near and DeSci (Decentralized Science), ReSci (Regenerative Science) so the community owns the Scientific progress and manage it on a more efficient way.

We know enough people passionate wanting to dedicate their time, with a totally aligned lifestyle willing to help the Planet with Web3. So we have a great Team to make this happen.

With Crypto and Specific with NEAR we can grow this sector and make the predilect chain for ReFi projects. Reason of this proposal! :white_check_mark:

We have been in contact with hundreds of ReFi projects like Open Forest Protocol, RAIZ, ReGen Tulum, Toucan, Impact Market, to mention some.

We have access to a global community of 45 cities doing monthly meetups where we can collaborate with.

Happy to connect and collaborate with existing groups.

Let me know any thoughts and comments.

Feel free to connect on:



Telegram: Contact @nearrefi (just created)

With warm and cordial regards,

Bancambios ReFi.


Hello @Bancambios nice proposal and hope to see this grow.
Like I said to @osc.near would like to be part of this project.
Using blockchain to solve real life projects…

This image reminds me of one of my post about forest on twitter

Thanks guys REFI all the way
Support this idea :bulb: big ups guys


Hi @osc.near and @Bancambios

I am a Regen. Every project I do has social impact including Presence Browser, Pachaverse, and Tulum Coin. I think what you propose is important if NEAR wants to be a leader in the Regen space.

As you probably know, Cosmos is deep in the Regen space with a number of active projects such as Regen Network, which has many Refi projects using its Regen Ledger and its own funding mechanism for ReFi projects.

I really hope that NEAR moves in the direction you are suggesting as I would love for the ecosystem to be more inviting and welcoming for ReFi projects that want to build on NEAR.


Hello @shiftshapr we are aware of your involvement on Regenerative Initiatives for the Planet, and we would love to work with you and to grow ReFi on NEAR.

The damage the Planet have received is much bigger than all the blockchains multiplied by 1000x, only together we can achieve significant impact for all the years of abuse, contamination.

Not only Cosmos but Celo and Algorand are pushing this initiatives. And that’s okay in a multi-chain future which is near.

The main goal is to provide Proof of Impact.

We align with people with the spirit of building Regenerative Web3.


We just want to record that we issued the project Bancambios ECO to @Mintbase Grant Program in order to build the first Phygital NFT marketplace for Carbon Credits on NEAR Protocol.

The date of the submission was October 14, 2022 to Mintbase, the date of submission to NEAR Balkans on October 17, 2022. And to @proximity on October 21, 2022

Inside the project the proposal for development contains:

  • Multi-chain NFT marketplace for Carbon Credits and redeemable physical Items (Stage 1)
  • AMM for NFT Orderbook (Stage 2)
  • NFT as E-commerce platform (Stage 2)

Thank you : )


We want to let know we submitted Bancambios ECO project to ReFiDAOist to join their the GT15

We are joining the​:woman_astronaut:t4:ReFi DAO Founders Circles

We’re looking forward to build ReFi on NEAR.

Twit > https://twitter.com/bancambios/status/1583441166573637633

Application to register for ReFi project > 👩🏽‍🚀 ReFi DAO Founders Circles Application


This is a update

Unfortunately, we did not make it to the @Mintbase grant program, even if Bancambios is 2 year old into NEAR Protocol. The last meeting with Mintbase did not go well, one of our devs (near hackathon winner) was sleepy and was not able to show a previous working product on the screen sharing, and our other dev was on a different time zone and couldn’t join. Unfortunately, there is not tolerance to show a working product again, and we got a rejection letter days after.

As we got accepted on the ReFiDAO Founders Circle as we submitted the Bancambios Carbon Credit Marketplace to be build on NEAR, now we are in some situation.

Our submition into ReFiDAO Cohort2 is the only project building ReFi on NEAR Protocol, all other team are building on other Layer ones like Celo, Algorand, Polygon, Solana. But Bancambios is the only project building on NEAR at the ReFi Founders Circle Cohort 2, hopefully we find support somewhere else like Balkans or NF, to delivery an MVP in front of the other 80 founders and projects.

We really want to build our Carbon and Plastic Credit Marketplace on NEAR, as we have an agreement of partnership with the largest Verra supplier of Carbon Credits from Amazons Brazil.

If someone want to support our project and deliver an MVP during the ReFiDAO Founders Circle. Please reach our to us, we are open to do any kind of agreement.



We submitted Bancambios Carbon & Plastic Credit Marketplace to Proximity around October 20, 2022.

Based on this Tweet https://twitter.com/Cameron_Dennis_/status/1581103322483724288 we understood @Proximity was supporting ReFi projects. Proximity replied and instructed us to get in contact with Jun via Twitter. On Sunday November 13, 2022. Jun get back to us saying they don’t support ReFi projects, and they will not support Bancambios Carbon & Plastic Credit Marketplace, or the tokenization of the biggest supplier of Carbon Credits in Brazil for Verra.

We will keep going and stay in NEAR Ecosystem, please if you know someone that can help us, please let us know : )

Hopefully we can deliver MVP for the ReFi Cohort 2, we still on time.

We will keep reaching out to the Ecosystem, it is difficult time but it is the best time to keep building, building beyong the hype.

Audaces fortuna iuvat


Proximity lab is a node that only supports DEFI projects, while Human Guild supports gamefi and other nodes with their specific function.
But Refi has no funding nodes for now, since your project is a pioneer phygital NFT market place for carbon credit. You can connect with senken-io , OFP or other REFI projects @Ozymandius @shreyas @bailey12 they might be of help to connect you to NF or to give you hint


thank you ser for the input.

Indeed we thought Proximity would be interested on ReFi on NEAR but probably not at the moment with the recent turnmoil.

Yes, there is not ReFi Division at NEAR Protocol, and actually that was what we proposed to grow and impulse.

As crypto is on a cleanse stage, we believe ReFi has more sense and real use case and value.

We expressed our belief that Carbon Credits and Plastic Credits could be the new wave of DeFi, we will keep working on our project anyhow.

At the moment we think many are on panic and uncertainty regarding the last crypto ftx fiasco.

But this is the time to stick to real world use cases.

Thanks again, we will reach out to OPF again, and the people you recommend.


Quick update on our today progress…

We did a call with David G from NF, and expresses our concerns regarding we are the only project registered at ReFiDAO Founder Circle building on NEAR. And we want to do our best, at the end it is the name of our Company and the name of the Founder who is on the line. We feel they have understanding, and we feel it may be a possible outcome from there.

Second call was with Sally from Balkans : ), which we expresses the same concern and interest on build our Bancambios Carbon Credit Marketplace. We feel she can get back to us with some positive outcome as well.

So then third call we did with Paul from Mintbase, and we expressed the unfortunately situation we have on the interview with Nate, on the final process of the grant, our devs were not available at the time of the meeting and we did not show a web3 module connecting to the wallet and execute a transaction on testnet or mainnet to proof that we actually can do build on Web3. At the moment I got the devs ready to jump on a call and show all the Web3 experience, we received an email with the rejection. During the call we expresses our situation regarding the ReFiDAO Circle Cohort 2, and I think we can have a possible outcome from that call. We want to build on NEAR, we would love to submit a great project on the ReFiDAO Cohort 2 and show the programmability of NEAR applied on Plastic & Carbon Credits.

We will keep looking for support.

Our next stop if applying for a development loan with New Order, a Web3 incubator based in Lisbon, who we are friends with, we will soon apply for a development loan with their DAO counsel and repay asap.

NEAR Protocol has so much potential to create a vibrant ReFi community and real use case utility on every level and niche on Web3.

Stay tuned folks.

Warm regards from Bancambios Team.


This was already answered by @David_NEAR here :point_down:

So you can correlate with the answer your colleague gave @osc.near


Hi DAOvid!


So the ReFiDAO Cohort 2 already started. We submitted a “Bancambiso Phygital Carbon Credit Marketplace Technology on NEAR with SDK on Mintbase” talking in consideration the issues from KlimaDAO, and Toucan which are 35% of Carbon Credits are rubbish or suffering counterfeiting. For MVP we have the agreement with the largest supplier of Verra certified credits, as well we have the buyers.

Our main concern right now, it that from the 350 Founders/Projects 80 were selected, and we are 1/80, and the only one building on NEAR.

So we expressed our concerns to NF, Balkans and Mitbase. That we need resources in order to deliver an MVP during the ReFiDAO Cohort 2, we want NEAR to have a good product, and we don’t want to look bad in front of the Cohort and the other 79 Founders/Projects.

Hopefully we find support on the Ecosystem to deliver MVP, so far we do not have more resources. @David_NEAR

Once we have the technology in place:
Bancambios is a huge believer on Plastic Credits can have more impact and real use case. As we believe Carbon Credits are “permission to pollute”, but if we increase the demand of Plastic Credits we actually can clean Rivers and Oceans, the higher the demand for Plastic Credits the more more Plastic “we” need to retrieve from Rivers and Oceans.

We know what we are doing in the Business Logic, as well we have an amazing developers Team.

Again, hopefully we find support on NEAR Ecosyste, to deliver the MVP for this ReFiDAO Cohort.


what colleague?

We are happy to buidl team, but seems NF has it’s own ReFi project and we feel excluded.

We will focus on our project/business which is tech platform for carbon and plastic credits, then once the platform is ready we will issue our own secuatration projects and “plastic credits” project. We will stop trying to build, grow #ReFi on NEAR.


The Bancambios Team.


Hey gm,

It’s down to the NF Grants team (or wider ecosystem grants teams) to determine what will and will not be funded.

I can’t expedite it or amend their decisions. Hoping that the grant request goes well!

If it’s been a while and you’ve yet to hear from the Grants team, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Yeah, well they rejected our initiative of growing ReFi on NEAR by Bancambios lead. It is totally okay. They found the 50K quite high for the amount of impact it can have.

NF, they have their own ReFi approach and plans, it is OK. We can see they start to do solid partnerships with ESGDAO and other projects. Which is great!

On our side we continued doing our work, we are helping:

  • ReFiCon (Regenerative Finance Conference) and Event to showcase all ReFi, DeSci & ReSci projects and gather web2, web3, Environmentalist and all ReFi Community on Web3. This event aim to happen on April-May 2023.

  • ReFi Starter a Launchpad only for ReFi, DeSci and ReSci projects on Web3, also Decentralized Scientific research, community-driven Environmental projection initiatives, restauration, reforestation, regeneration. We are gathering a top A-team. Also discussing with ReFi-oriented Investors, Funds to run the ReFiStarter Incubator & Accelerator. So hopefully NEAR also jump on this wagon, and this time join this initiative with us, and build a back-end on NP.

The projects mentioned above are not exclusive to NEAR, as other L1 already expresses interest and both projects aim to be multi-chain.

  • We will submit another Initiative to NF, with lower cost and more oriented into ReFi community growth, basically to let all peeps know there is in fact a ReFi movement on NP.

Thanks DAOvid for try to push us to the right direction.


On this post, we posted the Twitter account twitter.com/refinear which we created to elaborate this post and proposal to build ReFi on NEAR.

During July 2023 - The team from @nearefi contacted @osc.near to work together on ReFiNEAR. @osc.near granted access to our Twitter account to @Xwrld @RussLive215 and @ndcplug from @minorityprogrammers

This post is to refresh the @nearefi team who is not getting back to us, to fix the issues regarding changing password without consent from our Twitter account, and deprive us from accessing it. The team from @nearefi is not getting back to us to give us the access to our Twitter account, by today we continue without accessing our Twitter account twitter.com/refinear


adding @wolfwoodShinji to this post



I was not made aware of any of these developments and was made recently aware of what was occurring(since being tagged and added to the post). How can l help facilitate a solution to this topic, or in any way remedy things if it is within my power to do so?


That is correct, however a member of the @nearefi team flipped on us.

This is the only way to stop escalation and remedy this:

  • You guys will grant me access again to the Twitter (which I registered and grant you guys access). I will just RT or post high-rank insights on ReFi to benefit ReFi on NEAR. This is good for the account, as I can add some valuable content to the account, probably once or twice per week. I have no interest, and I would never ever change password.

  • You guys will change the handle to the name of your wallet, website, which is #nearefi, at the same moment you change the name of the handle. I will recover my handle #refinear from another account I registered on 2022, related to sustainability.

  • You will make this guy @RussLive215 to honor the agreement, he rugged. Even if the amount agreed if ridicusly low for the work I already did for this, the harm he did, and the time we both have lost for this unnacceptable behavior. I will just let it go.

I’m sending you details by DM @wolfwoodShinji