Refer and Earn: NEAR University Referral Program

  • when: Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2021
  • what: Refer and earn while you help build the internet of the future
  • how: See below, it’s simple and easy
  • who: Every human is eligible for multiple rewards. Bots stay away!

The NEAR University is launching a limited period referral program to help accelerate the outreach of its various programs.

1. NEAR Certified Programs

  • Refer eligible candidates to signup for one or more Certified Training Programs available on NEAR University
  • Get USD $10 per person referred once they complete the course AND receive the certification
  • How? Share this link: Learn NEAR with Our Team AND your MainNet account

2. NEAR University Fellowships

3. NEAR University Partnerships

  • Refer prospective partners to directly
  • Get 1% of the total grant amount (up to USD $1000) once the recipient is awarded the grant
  • How? Introduce us via email AND include your MainNet account

How to claim the referral

It is simple and easy.

For certification and fellowship programs

  1. Make sure to share your NEAR MainNet account, if you don’t have one, create it here:
  2. Tell the person completing the registration form to choose “Referral Program” and includes your NEAR MainNet account as the referral account name
  3. That’s all!

For partnerships

  1. please send an email to with an introduction to the partner and be sure to include your NEAR MainNet account in the body of the email.*
  2. That’s all!

So what are you waiting for? Start referring and earning today!


Is the payment in fiat?

No, all payments are made in NEAR Tokens

When will I get paid for my referrals?

All payments will be made on January 30th, 2022 at the spot price of the NEAR token on December 31st, 2021. Please be patient and wait for your referral payment at the end of January.

Can I refer more than one person?

Yes, there is no limit!

How long will this program run?

This referral program will run Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2021

If one person applies for more than one course/fellowship/partnership, do I get the referral bonus for each application?

No, you only get one referral per person per category out of the 3 categories listed above namely Certified Programs, Fellowships, and Partnerships

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Dear @shashi be aware of scammers. Answers on this certification program on public in many Near TG groups. OWS recently closed the same reward program.

Thank You


Awesome! I’ve shared with NxM community :slight_smile:


I think you are talking about some other program, as all the programs listed here don’t require any standard answers.

Request to check the links above.

Thanks for taking the effort

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There are no “answers” for NCD courses available on

Students must create an original project to earn certification


This project is a fantastic opportunity to professionalize university children and youth in education through the Model United Nations.