[Purposal] Mintbase for more musicians in Goa

Hi guys
@marianeu @vandal
I have many friends musicians in Goa
Who want start mintining music in Mintbase

But they not all have opportunities pay 6.5 N for own store

How they can join without it?

  1. May we can create some new store Goa musicians
  2. Someone can open access to mint music for Goa musicians

Which solution is better,?

Thank you


Hey @dmitryne you should tag “Createbase” with this post. Createbase is the guild/DAO for Mintbase.


Thank you i did this

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Hello !

Could you share a link to their work ?

@FritzWorm hey

I meet them before many in open mic
I dont ask link of them but soon will introduce to everyone mintbase :blush:
I think they have records
Just want to invite them start minting music.
If it will be free for them they can join more and more, open for every musician who want start mint music on market mintbase

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Will be nice to hear their work first :v:


U think mintbase not for everyone?
We need make casting musicians who want to mint?

May we can make two store?
One for everyone
And second for them who had casting?

Yeah ! It is for everyone within some rules, there is a setup fee,

and if we are going to fund someone special we should check their word so we can decide if we sponsor them or no.

Check lyrics u mean?

If it instrumental?

I don’t have idea to sponsor someone special

I have idea make mintbase open to any musician

Why only Goa musician, because now i living in Goa here, and i want to introduce Mintbase to locals

If Goa musicians can use only one store i just can check how many is there and check how effective work in Goa with music minting

Cause i know only one site where i can mint music is mintbase and its not free to all

6.5 N is enough big fee for beginners, who want to explore NEAR ecosystem and music minting

Letsee🤷🤷 just idea

Not a bad Idea !

Also I like it if we can make a plan to onboard musicians. If we do, we should be certain they are good if we are going to give them 6 NEAR each (=

Not each band , for all groups Goa Music Bands
For all goa musicians

Even if it can be not only goa musicians, just i want to be one free or less fee store where beginners in NEAR (not beginners like musician) can try and learn how to mint music on NEAR

@FritzWorm also we need access to store for our team Goa guild, who can see how to create NFT on mintbase after they can show to other people this algorithm